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Gagliotta Lobster 35 at Genoa Boat Show: “Maritime needs come first”

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With the Lobster 35, on display at this year’s Genoa Boat Show, Gagliotta revisits its lines, re-proportioning in a modern key an iconic boat model that is still able to amaze the public with its charm and beauty. Something like this was missing at the Boat Show: it was requested by connoisseurs who were tired of ultra-modern designs and, above all, wanted a boat that was truly seaworthy rather than fashionable.
Gagliotta responds well to the big yachting manufacturers, who tend to overdo everything in terms of numbers and lengths. And it does so by means of an artisan’s experience, born 70 years ago in Naples, the maritime city par excellence. Gagliotta employs competent people who absolutely confirm, even abroad, the validity of the Italian boating market. As for the lobster 35 stern philosophy, we repeat, the Torre Annunziata-based boatyard satisfies the owner’s desire for the sea with a craft designed for sailing and not for the latest fashions.
Quality materials, but not only. Because Gagliotta is also famous for its “dry”, high-performance hulls, which confirm an experience handed down through generations. And in the case of the Lobster 35, the nautical architecture is by Fabrizio Marzocca, an engineer and collaborator of the Gagliotta shipyard.

The “Sea and Roll” Otter at the Genoa Boat Show

Moored in all her shimmering splendour of a slightly pastel sea green, the Lobster 35 Otter we saw in Genoa undoubtedly evokes a vaguely 1950s design. An absolutely “sea ‘n roll” charm, if you’ll forgive the easy juxtaposition. But the soft shapes are also reminiscent of the designs of the following decade, when rounded lamellar plates were introduced to be placed on the mould. This way, laminates last almost forever. Moreover, this nautical sinuosity is evident not only in the lines of the boat but also in the hand-opening canopy made entirely of fibreglass.
The mahogany foremasts, lobster 35 foredeck which have been repainted at least ten times, accommodate the high handrails, which surround the bow from amidships. The boat’s external areas are well separated in the cockpit and the foredeck, where the anchor winch is hidden. The Lobster 35’s side-decks are slightly thin, perhaps to increase space in the cockpit where, by the way, there’s an electrically-operated table that disappears flush with the deck when you operate the controls on the bridge.

The teak is abundantly laid out all over the 1.2 centimetre-thick floorboard, and the exotic wood stands out, starting with the aft platform, which is equipped with a handle so you can hoist your kidneys properly after a regenerating swim.
The advanced helm station does not betray the vintage lines typical of lobster boats, with a mahogany helm on the bridge and a classic, user-friendly control panel. This is where the anchor is dropped and the bilge, lights and so on are managed. The Otter moored in Genoa is powered by a Mercury 3.0 L 270 HP V6 diesel engine. But the owner can also opt for a Volvo Penta D4 3.7 270 HP. According to the shipyard, the Lobster 35 reaches a maximum speed of 31 knots, while the recommended cruising speed is 26 knots.
Comfort on board is total, starting from the cockpit where the bulwarks offer excellent protection.
“Maritime requirements” include ensuring that guests don’t see any splashes on board the Lobster 35. The backrests and seating are comfortable for relaxing on board during a day at sea. This is not to be overlooked and opens up a long-standing debate about how many manufacturers believe that you can only lie on deck and sunbathe…. Can you confirm this?

gagliotta lobster 35

Lobster 35: great style and “roadster”-inspired design underneath

Comfort is therefore guaranteed on the Lobster 35, which has been designed with a high-performance hull capable of withstanding even rough seas. Added to this is the external living space which can accommodate 10/12 people. Below deck, the Lobster 35 turns into a “roadster” with an open space that can accommodate two people in the bed located in the bow, not to mention the separate head and the plenty of light provided by the forward porthole.

boat sunroof Renato Martucci, partner and innovative mind behind the Gagliotta shipyard, explains that the Genoa Boat Show “went well, but we missed out on the foreign clients that we attracted more in Cannes“. As far as production is concerned, Gagliotta confirms that a maximum of 10/12 Lobster 35s will be built per year, and these are the figures for true artisan production – we didn’t expect more.

The first Lobster 35s will arrive in the early summer of 2022. A lot of exports, because 50% go to the States, Holland and Germany, which are the reference markets. And e-commerce is working: “We’re starting to sell via the internet too, customers buy boats without seeing them until they’re in the water,” Mr. Martucci says enthusiastically.

In addition to the ‘Fisherman’ line, which is “the yard’s workhorse”, there is a 52-footer under construction. The Lobster 35 costs 430 thousand euros + accessories.

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