Ranieri International Next 330 LX Sea Trial

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Next 330 LX, here is the test of a top-level Made in Italy sundeck. Today’s test confirms all the expectations. Comfort on board, space like that of a real yacht but with dimensions that remain at ten meters. This kind of ratio means that running and mooring costs in the marina are truly low. Thrift, yes, but without sacrificing luxury, or rather super luxury. And fast performance, like an inflatable, but with the stability guaranteed by Ranieri International hulls.


The Next 330 LX boasts special features that allow it to satisfy the most diverse requirements: sportiness and even classic style are not easy to reconcile.

Added to such obstinacy is the experience of a boatyard like Ranieri International, which has been operating since the 1970s at the instigation of its founder, Pietro Ranieri. A businessman, he started out alone with motorbikes. Today, together with his sons Salvatore and Antonio, he personally oversees every stage of the production process of his top-class yachts.

Ranieri-International With the NEXT 330 LX, the Soverato-based boatyard has come up with a truly convincing boat. Let’s start with the price, which stands at 138,000 euro (excluding VAT and engine). Thanks to the wealth of advantages and nautical experience on offer, it beats the competition everywhere.

It also comes with top-notch finishes and materials. And a space below deck worthy of a dream night out, with a head that is almost two meters high.

But there’s more: the NEXT range is navigated, born in 2016 to arrive this year at the NEXT 330 LX. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping its race to the top of its target market at all.

What does the extraordinary performance we recorded during the NEXT 330 LX test offer? First and foremost, the boat boasts a “fully devoloped cockpit system” design that allows a maximum beam of two thirds of the length. With a ratio like that, the gain in space is considerable. Added to this is the second generation hull, the result of the yard’s proprietary “H.I.S.” system. (Hull Innovative System Generation), which consists of a double step, capable of greatly improving planing performance.

And how is it possible to produce such beautiful boats at such a low price? First of all, the boatyard makes about 80% of the components for its products in-house. Then, as we all know, large production numbers have an impact on the purchase price.

More beautiful than in photographs

The NEXT 330 LX is one of Ranieri-International-helm-station those boats that has to be seen in person. Anyone who was at the Genoa Boat Show will have noticed her in all her splendour.

But if you only looked at the pictures and were impressed, then multiply that impression by at least twice as much.

The NEXT 330 LX captivates the owner with her sleek hull, balanced deck layout and luxury. The teak has been laid out the right way up on the deck, giving you plenty of room to manoeuvre on board. And, we repeat, space. The boat is big in size. You’d never guess you only have ten metres on a three-meter beam.

Comparison with her sister

Ranieri International announced the NEXT 330 LX last summer. An announced evolution of her smaller sister, the NEXT 285 LX, which the market was eagerly awaiting. With just 15 centimeters more beam, the NEXT 330 LX gains 1.15 metres in length over the previous model. The size of the fuel tank has also been improved and now holds 180 liters more fuel.


Inside and out, Sundeck

Seen from her stern berth, the NEXT 330 LX is a crescendo towards the foredeck which is entirely devoted to the sundeck. It’s so big that it’s even good for yoga if sunbathing wasn’t enough.

The deck layout has three NEXT-330-LX-interior sections between the stern, centreboard and foredeck. Each is separated by a step that also marks the path of the spacious side-decks

The aft is furnished with two “L” shaped sofas offset to starboard on the transom. The seating is completed by two upholstered benches that can be folded to port and starboard.

The central part has a helm station in the middle and is well protected by a windscreen. There are three chaises longues on which, on the aft side, there is a kitchen unit with sink and burners. And underneath there’s room for the fridge, or rather two fridges.

The hatch on the left-hand side of the helm gives access to the below-deck area where everything has been rationalized. There are storage spaces for every need. And order on board is important when cruising.

NEXT-330-LX-head A table completes the triangle bed, which is always useful when thinking about the days at the end of the season.

The interior design of the NEXT 330 LX is modern. It makes use of ‘boxy’ forms, as do the mirrored steel handrails on deck that run around the entire perimeter of the boat.

Ranieri International also designed the upholstery. Hhighly refined, it is found in the aft sofa and is repeated in the handle covers on the profile of the kitchen top, in the sides of the centreboard and, of course, throughout the magnificent Sundeck, including the princely backrest.

The boat audio system sounds powerful, with speakers positioned internally on the moulding and in front of the helm station. Cupholders are attached and make a great service: superstition or tradition, thirst on a boat must be conquered.

As for below-deck lighting, there are two portholes on each side of the yacht, ready to provide sufficient light. The head is of considerable size with a square ceramic bowl and is fully lined like the rest of the cabin.

What transpires on the outside of the interior is masked by two modern, dark moustaches that bring a lot of sprint and grit to the NEXT 330 LX in this test. The show ends at the bow with the very elegant bowplate for hauling anchor.


NEXT 330 LX Sea Trial

The NEXT 330 LX awaits us in all her eye-catching style. Slate-coloured livery combined with nautical white is a perfect choice. Having cast off the moorings, I leave Marina di Varazze with the enthusiasm of putting myself at the helm of a boat that heralds endless fun. Refinement and chic taste make her a grand viveur.

And if we add to that the sea-wolf-like weather conditions, the result is a boat for a complete owner, even in its compact dimensions.

A windy day, a sky swept clear of clouds and mild weather, everything today invites to navigation. I hold the stern downwind, the sea has a half-metre wave: the NEXT 330 LX doesn’t pitch at all. I put the bow in favour of the wave and start to accelerate. I can immediately sense that the boat wants to get out of the water. So in three seconds we are on plane, already at 12 knots. Impressive.

The seat is comfortable and the space between the backrest and the helm is just right for proper control. The feeling of safety is amplified by the high sides, which also provide total protection from splashes. The windscreen is polarised and allows you to see the instruments without tiring your eyes. I honestly couldn’t ask for more: ease and manoeuvrability, combined with a truly rare nautical sense of beauty, a mix that is hard to give up.

The two Suzuki 330 HP Ranieri RIB outboard engines make their sound heard. I gain the open sea and set a cruising speed of 16 knots, 3 thousand rpm.

I give full throttle with the trims at half speed. I reach a top speed of 45 knots. The wind is hair-raising but it’s an amazing ride.

The thrill is great, but precaution is never too much. However, the NEXT 330 LX shows no signs of uncertainty in this test, despite the 50 cm wave that calls for caution. You wouldn’t think you were cruising at such a high speed. Even if you take the waves from the bow, the boat doesn’t hit them and the landings are soft. That’s because there aren’t many hulls like that.

Manoeuvring: I wanted to see if such a large beam, compared to the length of only 10 meters, would affect performance in turns. But it doesn’t. The NEXT 330 LX faithfully follows my intentions. I make tight turns in small circles, but the navigation is always smooth. And I don’t need to tell you how much the joystick makes a difference when mooring at the quay.


If you’re looking for luxury, compelling performance, and a beautiful, livable cabin with bathroom, the NEXT 330 LX is the right option for you. If it’s a young owner who likes to share moments with friends and party at anchor, expectations are again all fulfilled. With its well-proportioned dimensions and fine decoration in every minute detail, you can’t ask for anything better for enjoying the summer seasons at sea.

NEXT 330 LX Test Data


NEXT 330 LX Technical Specs (model on test)

LOA10.15 m
Beam3 m
Displacement3,700 kg
Fuel Tank
700 l
Water Tank130 l
Passengers Capacity
12-14 persons
Engines2 x Suzuki 330 HP
Planing Speed
 12 kn
Max Power2 x 800 HP
CE Casegory
B – C

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