Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 38 Sport Cabin

Nuova Jolly presents two world premières in Paris: the Prince 38 Sport Cabin and the NJ 700

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2017 has been an explosive year for Nuova Jolly Marine which, after the launch of the Prince 33 Sport Cabin, is now ready to join the “Nautic” Paris Boat Show with two new models: the Prince 38 Sport Cabin and the new NJ 700.

Prince 38 Sport Cabin

Prince 38 Sport Cabin

Scheduled to be presented in world première at the upcoming Salon Nautique de Paris, the Prince 38 Sport Cabin is a real Maxi-Rib which aims to become one among the flagship products of the whole Nuova Jolly Marine‘s range. The generous, well-balanced volumes of this boat indeed aim to guarantee unparalleled comfort standards, maybe worthy of bigger boats.

The concept of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin is the outcome of the extraordinary cooperation between the Nuova Jolly Marine Technical Office and Matteo De Francesco, the young yet highly talented designer that is designing the most successful boats of the Milan-based boatyard.

The interiors include a spacious master cabin with en-suite bathroom where two adults can enjoy their cruise in total comfort.

The aft section houses a sofa with standalone seats which, together with the galley cabinet an the U-shaped dinette furnished with an electric pop-up table, create an elegant relaxation area. More specifically, the sofa is full-beam and the sun pad, positioned towards the stern, are custom designed to guarantee the best comfort possible.

As for the engine type, the rib can be fitted with inboard or inboard-outboard, diesel or petrol engine. The first Prince 38 Sport Cabin is scheduled to be launched next April.

Like the NJ700, the Prince 38 Sport Cabin is made of highly resistant multi-axial layers which provides the boat with extraordinary sturdiness. Longevity is guaranteed by the NI neopentical gelcoat which gives the boat great brightness.

NJ 700NJ700

The new model represents an important turning point compared with the namesake predecessor, a descendent of the historic King 670.

The deck layout of this 7-meter boat, designed by the Nuova Jolly Marine Technical Office in cooperation with designer Matteo De Francesco, is linear and lightweight and features no bulky superstructures. Compared with the previous models, the stem is sharper while two skids have been implemented in the deck plane. As a result, the center console is wide and highly comfortable. The solarium and the fiberglass bathing platforms, positioned in the stern, can be extended beyond the stern extremities.

Power can range from 150 to 300 hp. Fitted with a 150hp engine, the NJ700 can deliver an extraordinary performance/ fuel efficiency ratio.

Nuova Jolly Marine NJ 700The model is fitted with a long- or extra long-shaft engine and offers a good alternative to all those who want to buy a new rib without having to change their engine.

At the bow, a fiberglass bow roller hides an electric windlass which is part of the standard equipment.

The new NJ700 will have a length of 3.10 m. When the tubes are deflated, the width is just 2.40 m, which contributes to make the transport very easy. Noteworthy is the inner width which measures a little less than two meters.

Both models will be presented at the Paris Boat Show, from 2 to 10 December. The ideal setting in which to launch the ambitions of Nuova Jolly Marine, which proposes interesting novelties every year.

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