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Ranieri International: “Düsseldorf opens the door to the international market”

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Ranieri International : “Boot is the most international boat show in Europe”.

Boot Düsseldorf allows you to publicize your company and let distributors that you would not normally see at other exhibitions know it” – Salvatore Ranieri of Ranieri International told us during Boot 2020. ” It is undoubtedly the most international boat show in Europe. I mean, we’re establishing contacts with countries like Israel… countries that are culturally different from us and that you could not meet elsewhere”.

Ranieri International, an increasingly global market

Ranieri International joined Boot Ranieri International Cayman 23Dusseldorf 2020 with two of its 2020 novelties, having to give up, as Salvatore Ranieri told us, to expose the largest boat of the range:

We are exhibiting two of our three novelties, the Cayman One Luxury Tender and the Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring.

We haven’t brought the Cayman 35.0 Executive because our dealer thinks that RIBs of over 8 meters in length are difficult to be sold in Germany. According to him, those who are exhibiting yachts of up to 20 meters are doing that only for reasons of brand image. The inflatable boats of a certain size are not successful in the German market.

I think it’s a matter of philosophy and culture. In Germany, like in Italy, RIB buyers think that boat buyers are wrong and vice versa. But it’s not true”.

Ranieri International at BootAfter entering the American market, Ranieri’s family is working to expand and develop the marketing side of the company in order to offer customers not only a competitive quality-price ratio, but also a brand of great value and international importance. Dusseldorf Boat Show is a real launching pad to know and be known on the global market, always keeping an eye on the European markets and their particularities, such as the German one.

More specifically, Salvatore Ranieri explained to us how Ranieri International works in Germany:

We have two distributors in Germany: one exclusively deals with inflatable boats while the other deals with fiberglass boats. They are highly specialized.

For us, the German market is divided in these two directions, compatible with each other. We have agreed with them to make this division”.

Ranieri International at Boot Dusseldorf: the 2020 models

Among the models Ranieri International Cayman One Luxury Tenderexhibited by Ranieri International at Boot Dusseldorf, the three 2020 novelties stand out.

Cayman One Luxury Tender

The Ranieri International Cayman One Luxury Tender is the latest addition to the Soverato-based shipyard’s range as well as he entry model in the Luxury Tender sector.

3.60 meters long and 1.90 meters wide, this tender is compact and fast. Available with multiple engine options of up 60 HP, it can exceed 30 knots when fitted with a 40HP engine. The all-Italian design makes this boat extremely elegant and modern.

Ranieri International Sport TouringCayman 27.0 Sport Touring

8.60 meters long and 3.20 meters wide, the Ranieri International Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring  is characterized by sporty and appealing lines. The new RIB can be fitted with two engines with a maximum total power of 500HP. With a passengers capacity of 20 people, it has a fuel tank of 420 liters.

Cayman 35.0 Executive

The full name, Executive Super Sport, denotes the sporting spirit of the Ranieri International Cayman 35.0 Executive. Almost 11 meters long and 3.80 meters wide, she does not require any registration.

As spacious as elegant, the Cayman 35.0 Executive delivers excellent performance thanks to twin 900HP outboards.

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