Sessa Key Largo 40 Sea trial

Sessa Key Largo 40: beautiful, finely designed and affordable

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Aggressive but not excessive, the Sessa Key Largo 40 amazes with her Sessa Key Largo 40 at seasmart and modern use of spaces and volumes combined with innovative solutions, exciting performance and Italian style.

The Sessa Key Largo 40 inherits from the past the winning concept of a young boat designed for the most demanding owners but features completely new design elements that actually make her a radically redesigned boat. The hull, for example, was conceived to meet the most modern needs for consumption optimization and increasing performance, designed for better comfort, both under way and at anchor.

But let’s find out what are the elements that distinguish this boat on the international boatbuilding scene: aesthetics and attention to details are perceivable in every single element, never left to chance and always focused on making details a discovery, a pleasure to see and experience.

The two-tone upholstery of the finest craftsmanship is reminiscent of that of luxury cars, the forged and signed steels of the mooring cleats add a discrete yet powerful element of customization, the finish of the carefully designed gelcoat surfaces with an almost perfect mirror effect, the interiors made elegant and comfortable by highly refined colours and materials make this beautiful boat the object of desire of all those who, despite loving luxury, do not want to give up practicality and comfort.

Sessa Key Largo 40 Exteriors

Sessa Key Largo 40 relaxing area

A truly distinguishing element of this boat is the aft cockpit with its two hydraulically-operated sides which, when open, expand the space available, offering a true beach club for bathing and sunbathing activities where passengers can also enjoy the comfort of the loungers with sliding backrest and an unparalleled sea view.

Sessa Key Largo 40 opening sidesSessa Key Largo 40 wings

Of course, this is not a new solution but the shipyard has managed to create a practical and quick system, well finished by the teak deck, pleasant even when the sides are in the closed position. The system is extremely safe, a hydraulically sliding piston lock makes accidental opening impossible in navigation.

Sessa Key Largo 40 open sideSessa Key Largo 40 opening system

When the sides are open, the lounge with its rectangular dining table remains in the middle of a completely uncluttered surface where passengers can experience a surprising sense of freedom and freshness. An impressive wet bar positioned just next to the helm seats drastically improves the usability of the boat: it is equipped with a sink, a barbecue plate, a refrigerator and a storage compartment.

Sessa Key Largo 40 at anchor

Refined ergnomics and aethetics studies have outlined the steering console of the Sessa Key Largo 40, which is thus not only comfortable and spacious, but also futuristic and functional: young and sporty, the carbon panel recalls the world of Formula 1.

Sessa Key Largo 40 steering consoleSessa Key Largo 40 console

Useful handrails and handholds are conventiently positioned in the strategic points. Itìs a fast boat, so it is important to be safe on board. Wide enough, the side-decks are equipped with a high gunwale and stainless steel tubular rail that runs from midship to the bow, jutting out to leave more space inside.

Sessa Key Largo 40 side-decksSessa Key Largo 40 handrail

The deck is entirely covered with solid teak, made with extreme care and grey-coloured seams, which add a touch of elegance and modernity.

Sessa Key Largo 40 cockpitSessa Key Largo 40 dining table

Although the aft sofa can be converted into a sunpad, the main one is undoubtedly the one positioned in the bow, where it completely occupies the surface: slightly rounded in shape, it remains embedded in the fiberglass structure of the hull for better protection.

Sessa Key Largo 40 bow sundeckSessa Key Largo 40 windlass

The wide cushions are made of the same two-tone marine fabric of the helm station upholstery. The bow section houses a windlass locker, the warping end and a convenient gangway for easy access to the quay (for this purpose, the rail is lowered to the sides in correspondence with the floor).


The classic hatchway on the sides of the wheelhouse, which can be closed by a transparent acrylic sliding door, leads to the unexpected wide interior volumes below deck. The interiors are basically divided into four zones: an entrance hall with galley, a bed in the bow, a separate haead and an additional bed on the stern. Three comfortable steps lead to an open space zone, which is the center of the boat: the kitchen cabinet positioned opposite consists of two blocks. One high on the ceiling makes the most of the available volumes and contains a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a couple of doors; the second on a marble top offers a hob, a sink and two doors underneath. Towards the bow, the large area is furnished in transformer mode: living room version with U-shaped sofas, dining version with central table and bed version with a full-surface double bed.

Sessa Key Largo 40 staircaseSessa Key Largo 40 indoor galley

The lateral windows are all rather wide if compared to the size of the walls, so as to ensure plenty of light and panoramic views inside, also thanks to the light and modern colors of the upholstery and fabrics. The headroom in the entrance hall is truly remarkable; equally noteworthy is the one above the beds, the feeling is of ample airiness and liveability.

Sessa Key Largo 40 bow cabinSessa Key Largo 40 cabin

The head is located in a separate room: it is a cosy space, arranged in a really smart and practical way, without neglecting the design that is refined and modern. The black washbasin matches the supporting cabinet and is placed on a thick white marble surface. A large wall mirror visually amplifies the space, a sliding curtain with ceiling guide creates the shower area when necessary while a window with opening porthole adds air and views to the outside.

Sessa Key Largo 40 portholes

A certain refinement in the combination of materials, colour and Sessa Key Largo 40 control panelfinishes significantly raise the perceived value of the boat: the Sessa Key Largo 40 gives the sensation of a possibile and affordable luxury, not for everyone but for many. Aft, instead, a double guest cabin is located under the cockpit, offering a surprisingly comfortable space.

This area occupies what, on inboard or sterndrive boats, is the engine room: in this case, outboard propulsion has allowed to fully exploit the interiro volumes. On the sides, there are two bedside storage units. A mirror placed on the wardrobe plays with volumes, amplifying the dimensions, while the side windows brighten the environment.

Sessa Key Largo 40 Sea Trial

Sessa Key Largo 40 under way

The Sessa Key Largo 40 is a young and dynamic boat, designed for all those who love open-air life and living the sea as long as possible. The comforts she offers are worthy of a significantly larger boat. Her performance are undoubtedly remarkable.

Sessa Key Largo 40 bowSessa Key Largo 40 sailing

Not surprisingly, during the sea trial we carried out in the Ligurian waters on a sunny day with calm sea, the boat reached a top speed of 43.1 knots. A possible upgrade is expected to improve performance by 200 rpm and 3 knots.

Sessa Key Largo 40 enginesSessa Key Largo 40 stern

The hull is very soft and stable. Rolling motion is almost unperceivable.

Sessa Key Largo 40 at sea 2

The flaps add more stability, especially in certain sea conditions. The deck spaces are safe even under way and the handrails are really useful. The opening sides considerably amplify liveability in board, contributing to the overall comfort perceivable on board.

Sessa Key Largo 40 deck

We had no doubts about it, but the Sessa Key Largo literally conquered us.

Sessa Key Largo 40 : Performance

Sessa Key Largo 40 Performance      
RPM Speed in knots L/h L/nm Range
600 3.8 8.6 2.3 486
1,000 5 16.1 3.2 341.6
1,500 7.4 26.3 3.6 309.5
2,000 9.7 41.6 4.3 256.5
2,500 11.4 64.6 5.7 194.1
3,000 14 80.1 5.7 192.3
3,500 16.7 109.5 6.6 167.8
4,000 21.2 148.3 7 157.2
4,500 26.7 166.1 6.2 176.8
5,000 33.7 220.7 6.5 168
5,500 40 282.4 7.1 155.8
5,620 43.1 297 6.9 159.6
Technical Specs  
LOA 11.94 m
LH 11.72 m
Beam 3.50 m
Engine Max 1,275 Hp / 895 Kw
Max Speed 55 kn /YAMAHA 3 x 425 Hp / MERCURY 3 x 400 Hp
Drive Outboard
Cabins n. 1
Weight with engine 8,450 kg (3 x MERCURY VERADO 300 Hp)
Passengers Capacity n. 12
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,100 l
Water Tank Capacity 230 l
Laden Draft 0.68 m
Black Water Tank Capacity 95 l
Berths n. 4
Design Centrostiledesign
Design Category B

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