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A 9-meter inflatable boat can be considered as capelli tempest 900 wathe largest of the small models or, if you prefer, the smallest among the big models. The different perspective depends on the general concept and, above all, the type of fittings and equipment of the boat itself. If we take these parameters into consideration, we can therefore look at the new Capelli Tempest 900 WA (Walk Around) as a boat more comparable to big than to small boats. In addition, compared with her “sister” – the Tempest 900 Sun – the walk-around model seems to be aimed at the high end of the market.



Capelli Tempest 900 WA – Description

DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0409.JPGAll the Tempest models of the Capelli’s Top Line range offer generous fore volumes. The model we’ve put on test, for example, has a sun pad of 3,9 square meters which stretches over the whole area located forward the steering console.

Thanks to an impressive superstructure and large floats, the Tempest 900 WA can’t go unnoticed both in navigation and at the dock: the “wow” effect is always guaranteed!

Spaciousness and compactness find in this boat an extraordinary compromise thanks to the careful design efforts of the long-experienced shipyard. Nothing is left to chance: the bi-tone upholstery in the forward section, for example, makes the profile of the boat sleeker while the comfortable backrest placed against the fore side of the cabin contributes to extend and improve the vision offered by this space. capelli-tempest-900wa-8The bow roller, covered with teak as well as many other areas on board, encloses a steel chain slider, a large anchor locker and an electrical windlass whose controls are positioned inside so that they can be operated easily even when the locker hatch is closed.

The sensation of being on board a bigger boat is confirmed by the presence and size of the pulpit, the handrail enveloping the forward section, the two stainless steel fender holders positioned next to the first stanchion and the generous size of the mooring bitts.

capelli-tempest-900wa-5The steering console is well-protected by a high smoky-grey windscreen surrounded by a steel frame which, in turn, can be transformed into an additional handrail. The helm station is positioned on the starboard side in order to leave room to a sliding door which leads to the cabin. The folding helm seat guarantees the best comfort both when driving standing and sitting. Useful anddbeautiful are the two fabric-covered handrails located on each side of the seat/backrest. The model we’ve put on test features just two displays monitoring the twin Yamaha 250hp engines. No additional instruments are installed in this area, although its volume is spacious enough to accommodate a 12-inch chartplotter.

The cockpit benefits from a new layout: two armchairs are attached to the capelli-tempest-900wa-6rear part of the stand-up while an aft settee has been stepped laterally in order to make the passage to the aft boarding platform totally unencumbered. Thanks to a reclining backrest, this settee can become an even more comfortable sun pad. This area can be even equipped with an optional extension and reach an overall width of 2.6 square meters. As an alternative, this area can become a dining or a wide living area thanks to a teak table which can seat 2-3 adults. Noteworthy is the amount of lockers, positioned below the settee, in the stand-up, laterally and at the bow.

DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0391.JPGA little constrained by the presence of the two outboards, the aft boarding platform encloses a boarding ladder and a safe handrail. The latter is, however, not as well-refined as the rest of the boat; a teak or flexiteak coating, offered as an optional, would contribute to elevate the appearance of this area and make it similar to the rest of the boat, including the beautiful (standard) outdoor shower equipped with a 60-liter tank.

The cabin replicates the layout of the previous version of the Tempest 900 WA: a fore dinette is furnished with a table capelli-tempest-900wa-10which can be transformed into an additional berth while a kitchen cabinet with sink and standard 48-liter refrigerator is positioned next to the step.

Unlike the predecessor, a door-equipped bulkhead separates the toilette (with marine wc and electrical drain connected to the sewage tank) from the rest of the cabin. The electrical control panel is installed within the cabin. The environment is flooded with natural light by two large eye-shaped windows with built-in porthole.

The livery of the model we’ve put on test was the standard one with ivory fiberglass, white Orca Pennel & Flipo 1670 dtex tube and ivory-and-hazel pillows.


Sea Trial

capelli-tempest-900wa-9As you can see in the pictures below, the conditions we found during our sea trial were the ideal ones for a relaxing beach day and not the most suitable ones to test the genuine seaworthiness of hull. Moreover, probably because of a mistake or an excessive manoeuvre during a previous test, the electronic throttle was very hard and we felt like handling an old poorly-maintained one.

A detail which, unfortunately, compromised the pleasure to steer as well as the responsiveness of the boat itself. Apart from this circumstantial aspect, the Tempest 900 WA seemed slightly less stable than one could expect for a boat of this size. When caressing the waves engendered by the other boats during our turns, the hull seemed to hesitate a little instead of reacting promptly. Then, however, it went back to being precise and reliable even when turns got tighter and faster.capelli-tempest-900wa-2

Nothing to say about the engine performance. As you can see in the table below, thanks to the two Yamaha 250hp engines – the most powerful engine option in which the boat is offered – and twin three-blade propellers, the 900 WA was able to touch a maximum speed of 50 knots within just 24 seconds. Even more interesting is the efficiency of the hull-engines duo.

At cruising speed, that is 3,000 – 3,500 rpm, the boat travelled at 23-28 knots with a fuel consumption of just a little more than 2 liters per nautical mile.


Capelli Tempest 900 WA – Performance

rpm Speed (kn) Fuel Consumption (l/h) Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
600 3.50 4.80 1.37
1,000 5.80 10.30 1.78
1,500 7.40 15.60 2.11
Planing speed 1,750 7.50
2,000 9.30 25.20 2.71
2,500 12.00 32.60 2.72
vel. Crociera economica 3,000 22.70 47.00 2.07
vel. Crociera 3,500 27.90 59.00 2.11
4,000 32.30 79.90 2.47
4,500 35.30 93.50 2.65
5,000 40.40 126.60 3.13
5,500 42.10 147.00 3.49
Vel.max 6,000 50.00 195.00 3.90

Conditions: flat sea, 3-knot wind, 4 passengers on board, 30% fuel tank capacity, empty water tank


capelli-tempest-900wa-1The Capelli Tempest 900 WA is a beautiful inflatable boat, suitable for all those looking for a spacious day cruiser or desiring to spend a romantic weekend with their own partner. As mentioned in the first paragraph of our article, the boat offers its passengers the sensation of being on a larger boat, with all the amenities and the comfort they want. However, the Tempest 900 WA is a small boat, with all the advantages of its category, including, first of all, the fact that registration is not required.




Capelli Tempest 900 WA – Technical Specs

Capelli Tempest 900 WA – Technical Details
Length Overall 9.5 m
Beam 3.3 m
Tube Diameter .,65 m
Weight 2,400 kg
Passenger Capacity 18
Engines Yamaha
Power 2 x 250 hp
Maximum Power 500 hp
Design Category B
Water Tank Capacity 140 l
Fuel tank Capacity 350 l
Tube Material Orca Neoprene – Hypalon 1670 dtex


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