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Volvo Penta. Nicola Pomi is the new Vice President of the Marine Sales Division for Europe

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Interesting news for the top management of Volvo Penta, the world leading supplier of inboard and inboard-outboard motors for yachts and sailboats.

Nicola Pomi
Nicola Pomi. From January 1st 2008, he will be the new Vice President of the Volvo Penta’s marine sales division for the European region.

The Swedish firm has indeed appointed Nicola Pomi Vice President of marine sales division for the European region, for both the leisure marine and commercial sectors.

Nicola Pomi will therefore become part of EEM, the board of managers in charge of managing sales throughout Europe. The decision praises his long experience at Volvo Penta. He joined the company in 2006, initially as Business Controller and Local Manager in Italy and then, in 2009,  as Department Manager, always in Italy. Since 2015, he has been Sales Director for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Pomi is succeeding Pascal Jamet, who has successfully led Volvo Penta’s European marine sales division for 10 years. Jamet will become the new Marine Business Manager for France and Spain and will be in charge of the development of new projects in the marine leisure segment for boats from 25 to 40 feet.

Stefan Carlsson, head of Volvo Penta’s Marine Diesel segment,comments the new appointment this way:

We have had some interesting developments in the marine segment over the last months. The continuity of knowledge and fresh ideas that Nicola will bring to the role will enable us to move forward with an extraordinary offer for our customers. I wish both Nicola and Pascal success in their new roles“.

Pascal Jamet
Pascal Jamet, former head of the Volvo Penta’s marine sales division for the European region

Reached on the phone by our journalists, Nicola Pomi commented: ” It’s a highly prestigious role since the European region is the most important one at Volvo Penta. It’s a very important role within the general ranks of the marine division. We shouldn’t forget that Volvo Penta is 50% marine, 50% industrial and most of the marine power solutions are sold in Europe”.

His relation with Volvo Penta has been lasting for more than 10 year, a reality which is not commonly found in the contemporary market: ” Volvo Penta is an extraordinary company and a leading brand in the marine segment. Both from a business and a cultural point of view. I’ve worked at some other multinational corporations based in Germany, USA and other foreign countries but Volvo Penta is the best one in terms of business approach and corporate culture. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Volvo Penta has led the marine segment and will certainly keep on doing that”.

Nicola Pomi Volvo PentaParticular moments in the leisure marine industry are expected to come” he continues The new emission standards, the need for more electrified and hybrid systems are important issues which we won’t failed to focus on. It is also important to have a new approach towards new technologies. We will work in strategic terms on the production of new power solutions, including electric motors.

Our new challenges are very interesting and need a good relation with the market. It’s essential to understand the real needs of customers and adjust entries to the demand”.

Finally, Nicola Pomi makes no secret of his personal ambitions at Volvo Penta: ” For the time being, I’m focusing on on my new role which will be rich of interesting challenges and commitments for the future. I’m focusing on that. I’ve always looked at results before setting myself a new goal. So, I’m focusing solely on the achievement of the results expected in my current role. What comes next is welcome”.


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