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Yacht Digest sea trial special edition: 35 most beautiful boats of 2022

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The year just ended was an exceptional one for The International Yachting Media, a year that we celebrate with this special issue of Yacht Digest: 970 pages of pure nautical passion details the 35 sea trials of the best boats of 2022, an advertising-free issue, online from today.

With half a million readers per issue, Yacht Digest is the world’s only ad-free digital magazine, viewable online for free, and packed with interactive, topical content: an unparalleled immersion in a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that takes readers on a voyage of discovery of the most beautiful and luxurious boats on the planet. A true explosion of emotions, told through high-definition photos and spectacular videos, reviewing a year’s worth of sea trials on boats of every category: from large yachts to dinghies, through sailboats and Maxi-Ribs, and ending with boat supplies.


The new issue of Yacht Digest, also benefits from the acquisition of the U.S. namesake magazine, and its domain name YACHTDIGEST.COM, recently acquired by The International Yachting Media through a tight auction held in the United States. Yet another acquisition then that, less than a year after that of YACHTINGNEWS.COM one, tells a lot about this publishing group’s desire to lead.

“A special issue, which recognizes the great efforts made by the shipyards and The International Yachting Media in a fantastic year, where the number of new boats launched was impressive,” says Luca D’Ambrosio CEO of the publishing group, “A special year for us as well, where we acquired at auction the famous American publication Yacht Digest and its related domain name YACHTDIGEST.COM, an investment that once again reaffirms our great determination.”

Yacht Digest 14 english edition cover The cover of issue number 14 of this quarterly interactive multimedia magazine is dedicated to the Absolute Yacht Navetta 75, a splendid example of the “Yachts over 40 feet” category that have come under the editorial staff’s magnifying glass; a category that includes other superlative examples such as the Pardo GT 52, Filippetti S55 Daemon, Absolute 56 Fly or Fiart P54, to name a few as an appetizer to a rich menu that represents the top of the range for this category where luxury, value and quality are the watchwords.

Of course ample space has also been given to sailing, which YachtDigest celebrates with some of its most spectacular trials: the elegance of Advanced A80, the speed of Ice 70RS or even the innovations of Jeannuau Yachts 60 are just a few examples of the level of boats tested. Trials dedicated to experienced owners, therefore very accurate and rich in both descriptive and visual details, thanks to the high quality of the images used, with the specific purpose of making the reader completely immerse in the boats.

But 2022 was also the year of all other boat categories that bred top-notch models that were highly anticipated in the market and naturally fill the pages of Yacht Digest with their performance. We find, among others, for the ‘Maxi-Rib’ category, Pirelli 50, Scanner Envy 1200 HT Outboard, and again Ryo Yacht Inagua S, all models around which a lot of expectation had been created and which have been protagonists of boat shows all over the world: but again the list is very long.

As it is for the category ‘Boats under 40 feet’ where The International Yachting Media put some of the best performing models of the past year to the test: timeless models like Lobster 35 Gagliotta, presented in the U.S., or modern ones like FIM 340 Regina, or even adrenaline-pumping ones like Fiart Seawalker 35. Whatever your ideal type of boat in this category you will certainly find pages that will give you sensational thrills. In the ‘Inflatable’ section are presented four of the most long-awaited novelties that have fully met the expectations of the public. It is impossible not to be seduced by the grit of MAR.CO R-Evolution 26, the power of Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport, the maneuverability of Selva L21 Plus or the agility of Scanner 650 L.

In short, whichever boat you may prefer, this issue of Yacht Digest is a pure 900-page, ad-free concentrate of the best of boating in 2022. Pages that scent of the sea, of passion and love for this industry so appreciated all over the world and that The International Yachting Media daily tells through its 6 magazines and 12 language editions to its over one million weekly readers.

If you really love boating you just can’t miss this issue of Yacht Digest.

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