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Absolute FLY models at Cannes Yachting Festival: luxury water lilies on display

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Absolute Yachts was present at the Cannes Yachting Festival with the entire Navetta range and the wonderful yachts of the FLY collection. And that certainly includes the clamour and fascination that the nautical creatures from the Podenzano-based shipyard aroused as usual at the autumn nautical events, including the Genoa Boat Show. More specifically, this year Absolute introduces the Generation 2022, which includes two major innovations: the 48 Coupé has a really interesting energy autonomy, thanks to a set of solar panels on the hard top. Large vertical windows makes the cockpit absolutely panoramic. The interior of the lower deck is simply amazing, with a sea view at the water’s edge. The cabins are true suites. Absolute Yachts’ strategy also includes a strong adherence to climate change with the choice of solar energy introduced on board, and the theme of environmental sustainability when considering the materials used. But there is more.

Absolute 60 FLY wins the World Yacht Trophies

Absolute-Yachts-Cannes-Yachting-Festival-2021 Multifaceted and spacious”, 60 FLY is yet another sporty and versatile novelty that is of great interest to those who appreciate the luxury expressed in these dream yachts by Absolute. It has been said that the 60 FLY will be “the yacht that will change the market”, and this is certainly true because the layout has been well-thought out, with brand-new modular furnishings, and because the 60 FLY boasts features that are more akin to a superyacht in some respects, starting with the always-covered side-decks, as is often found on yachts over 30 meters long. So, on September 11th, at the end of the Cannes Yachting Festival, the “World Yacht Trophies” jury issued its “incontrovertible” verdict: the Best Layout in the 45-60 foot category went to the 60 FLY.

This is how nautical history is marked by great successes. And details that sometimes go unnoticed. Flexibility and “absolute horizons” such as the ingenious decision to introduce a transparent photovoltaic panel to ensure that not a single photon of natural light is missed on the 48 Coupé.

At the Cannes press conference, Absolute retraced the steps of its nautical phenomenology, which, in 2020 and 2021, was nonetheless slightly marked by the pandemic. Navetta 64, a magnificent 60-footer, for example, didn’t see the honours of any boat shows after her launch because of the various lockdowns, but was awarded the “Best of Boats” in the same year. A splendid boat with an innovative master cabin in the bow. The success of the Navetta 64 was followed in the same year by another nautical phenomenon: the Navetta 52, a perfect boat for sharing the excitement of the sea with the family in comfort and elegance, without compromise. Navetta 52 is 16 meters long and, on board, you can appreciate the “person-sized” spaces in a harmony of luxury and nautical philosophy that calling it “Renaissance-style” is never out of place.

Absolute’s Top Dealer awarded in Cannes

Success does not come cannes2021_press alone, Absolute has a large network of dealers from all over the world and, at the Cannes Yachting Festival the shipyard did not fail to reward them and even contacted them via streaming for a shared moment of fame. Four Top Dealers of the year were nominated by Absolite, with the “Best Brand Ambassador” award going to Adriatic Wave and the “Best Strategic Dealer” to Absolute Marine Limited. The “Best stocking dealer” went to Water Yacht Group, while the “Best Growing Dealer” went to Barcares Yachting (France)

Unveiled in Cannes, the new Absolute 56 FLY is ready to enter the market

But there’s more to this flowery bouquet: the 56 FLY, presented to the press in a world premiere. All the rest is poetry: “The light shining through the curtains of the large windows on the lower deck reveals the magnitude of these panoramic views: in the cabins, the full-beam central one for the owner and the forward one for guests, the eyes are lost in the infinite horizon of the sea. The full-height side cabin, with two beds by side and a pair of classic portholes, offers young guests the chance to experience a little sailor’s adventure”. This is how Absolute’s marketing department describes the 56 FLY – no one has seen her, but we don’t feel like refuting them. “Star among the stars”, this yacht is set to be yet another lily pad added to The best of the Made in Italy yachting scene”.


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