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The 62nd edition of the FLIBS, “the largest boat show on the seven seas”, was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For the occasion, Absolute Yachts displayed some of its Generation 2022 novelties: the 48 Coupé and the 50, 60 and 62 FLY. The Podenzano-based shipyard also opted to put its two beautiful boats from the Navetta range in the water: the 52 and the 58. Absolute thus continues its exhibition carousel which has already seen it at the center of all the main Mediterranean boat shows.

Absolute Yachts speaks “green” at FLIBS

The FLIBS was an opportunity Absolute 48 Coupéto confirm a strong green philosophy in the design of Absolute’s yachts. In fact, Generation 2022 is attracting a lot of public interest thanks to the decision to eliminate much of the composite (which is difficult to dispose of) in the superstructure, opting for very substantial glass windows. Another environmentally friendly move on the part of the shipyard is the solar panels integrated into the hard-top.

The panels provide a high level of energy autonomy when the boat is at anchor. This is of real help to marine ecology, especially if we think of marine protected areas. And with as much as two kilowatts available on Absolute yachts, the need to use noisy power generators becomes superfluous.

The structural choice of solar panels lends itself not only to ecology but also to design. The 48 Coupé, for example, has a set of three two-kilowatt solar panels, one of which is transparent and made of insulating glass.

A great innovative choice, as well as extending the panorama, the transparent panel contributes to the natural brightness of the ultra vertically-windowed cockpit, which in itself is already rich in extraordinary panorama availability.

Generation 2022

Cockpit-Absolute-60-FlyAdding to the character of the Generation 2022, which is decidedly sporty, are the slogans for the 48 Coupé “The Absolute Horizon” and for the 60 FLY “The Absolute Prism”. These are useful slogans to translate the central theme in the shipyard’s design technique, which always includes modular spaces, but also an all-round seascape.

Without forgetting the cheerful harmony of the boat’s livability in symbiosis with the marine environment. Proof of this is, for example, the 48 Coupé’s large “terrace” cockpit and the windows of the cabins that are flush with the water, real “living pictures” with a complete view of the sea.

The 60 FLY at FLIBS

The almost 19-meter-long 60 FLY cruiser-yachts-60-fly-at-seaboasts space for a real owner’s quarters with the master cabin forward and full-beam. And, as we would like to reiterate, the Absolute’s interiors are truly the top in pleasure boating in terms of panoramic views and decorative furnishings.

The 60 FLY completes her qualities with two salons (one on the main deck and the other on the upper deck), modular furnishings in the spacious aft cockpit and a helm station with cutting-edge technology and functionality.

For owners based in the States, Absolute Yachts also offers the services of its subsidiary “Absolute of Americas”.

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