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Advanced Yachts is preparing to conquer the Cannes Yachting Festival with its flagship A80, the large and stunning sailboat, winner of the ARC Regatta in 2016, which will be on display in the European yachting capital from September 6 to 11. The French event will also be the occasion to present the shipyard’s new addition, the A66S: the boat, which has already been built and delivered to the owner, will not be on display in Cannes but it will be possible to find out more at the Advanced Yachts, booth 033- Port Canto.

About the Advanced Yachts 66S

“Advanced Yachts’ new 66-footer features many innovations compared to the A80, from which it has however inherited much in terms of materials and construction technology,” explains Antonella Di Leo, CEO of Advanced Yachts. “The A66S is made entirely from epoxy resin using a vacuum infusion process and with all the reinforcements in carbon, as is the deck, also in carbon. This results in a very lightweight boat with excellent performance, even in low winds. To ensure maximum sailing performance, we have also fitted out the interior with lightweight furniture. The idea is to offer a boat that can cross oceans and sail around the world, while at the same time guaranteeing excellent habitability, especially thanks to the large interior volumes”.

Advanced-yachts-A66 As with the A80, structural engineering for the A66S is by Gurit LTD, while the design is by American naval architects John Reichel and Jim Pugh and Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino’s Italian studio Nauta Design. The entire production process has been tested and certified with very strict checks and great meticulousness. In fact, every component of Advanced Yachts’ yachts is checked and then weighed before being put on board to ensure the required performance in terms not only of lightness, but above all of sturdiness and safety.

Highly interesting are the technical features, which were defined considering the best possible choices for equipment: Southern Spars mast with Vboom and carbon rigging, Harken Racing 990 winches, Bamar furler, Mastervolt lithium batteries. “We only use the latest technology from the best brands that are tested and certified,” Mrs. Di Leo points out. “We offer oversized equipment to ensure that the owner has a boat that is fit to sail around the world, safely tackling the most challenging seas and winds. A particular feature of our boats is also their quietness, achieved thanks to proper and effective insulation of the engine room and generator.”

The A66S yacht is made AdvancedA66 entirely in Italy and looks like a very clean boat that is easy to steer and manage, even with just two people on board. Above all, however, what is most striking is the brightness of the interior: thanks to the 360-degree windows that not only provide light but also a feeling of great safety as you can see everything around the hull. Moreover, adds Antonella Di Leo, “the hull portholes are even larger than on the A80.”

Completing this work of great elegance are the refined design furnishings, which are fully customizable: “We are a small company and build very few boats, so we try to follow the owner in all his choices, not only from an aesthetic and functional point of view, but also in terms of navigation, designing the boat according to his wishes for use, whether for crossing oceans or just for cruising in the Mediterranean,” Mrs. Di Leo concludes.

Advanced A66

The A80 round-the-world cruise

There is another A80 beautiful and interesting novelty at Advanced Yacht. It’s the round-the-world charter that the company is organizing for next autumn-winter with the A80. Basically, the boat will be cruising in stages for a series of events and appointments, and anyone will be able to book a route to take a short cruise and dream aboard this wonderful sailboat.

More information on the programme will soon be available at

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