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A porthole allows to look out when we are on board but only few people really look at it. In fact, many even would like not to see it. But this “dressed hole”, essential to comfort and safety on board, has remained unchanged for decades, at least until Amare Group started to focus on it. Thus, it has made it not only safer and more comfortable but even less visible. The idea of working on this accessory was put into practice by Michele Preziuso, who, in 2012, two years after the birth of his business, decided to devote himself to boating. In just few years, Amare became the most innovative reality in the sector. It was, in fact, the first company in the world to have a porthole inserted in line with a window, on the Ferretti Navetta 28 (which obtained the Rina approval certificate): its revolutionary Infinity porthole.

oblò Infinity di Amare Group
An Infinity porthole installed on a boat windo

Today, the company produces a complete series of products for boats ranging from 14 up to 200 metres, which includes hydraulic gangways, sliding doors and watertight doors for engine rooms. 

Precisely for its peculiarities , Infinity has been chosen by many shipyards in the world, such as Absolute, Sunseeker, Azimut, Sanlorenzo, Gulf Craft in addition to the above-mentioned Italian-Chinese group. If the choice is immediately justifiable from an aesthetic point of view, technical aspects are less evident. So, we met the founder of Amare Group at the Boot Düsseldorf.

Michele Preziuso fondatore Amare Group
Michele Preziuso, founder of Amare Group.

” From a technical point of view, which translates into a practical advantage for yachtsmen using our portholes – told us Michele Preziuso – clamping handles and the friction hinge opening system are two hallmarks. In particular, the closure with lateral ring is a safer and faster system: no more wasting time screwing, it only takes a click. Moreover, the friction hinge offers two advantages. First of all, it prevents the heavy mobile part from falling on fingers; moreover, you can choose how much air and light you want to let in.

Oblò Infinity Amare Group
A step in the production process of an Infinity porthole

The production process of every porthole is done manually to ensure many possibilities of customization. Infinity portholes are available in different materials ( steel or carbon) and installation types (they can be even installed on a curved glass). Moreover, they are compliant with “Pleasure Craft” regulations, the regulation adopted by nautical institutions in the UK, allowing them to be installed also on boats longer than 80 m.

Passerella Vanity Amare Group

The innovation introduced by Amare Group also involves gangways. In this case, too, the main revolution is represented by the use of glass. In particular, the Madras version features shatterproof non-slip glass allowing to customize and use
every inch of the available walkable space. The latter is, in fact, wider and with no supporting structures.

Moreover, the vertical angle between the gangway and the transom is not adjusted by a vertical plunger but by a horizontally-sliding wedge. This way, the mechanism volume is made compact, which allows to reduce the installation space.






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