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The new Bavaria C57 presented at the Boot 2017 Düsseldorf bears the signature of Maurizio Cossutti, and it shows.

It’s the first model of a new era for the German shipyard which now focuses on a new appearance, new sizes, new performances – for the moment, we can just report those declared by the manufacturer – and two innovations in the construction technology.

But first things first. In the range offered by the brand based in Giebelstadt, the new C57 certainly features a significantly innovative design without losing the connection with the current family look.

Bavaria Yachtbau C57
The Bavaria C57 visto seen from the waterline.

However, hull lines differ much from traditional Bavaria models. The boat, in fact, has a vertical stempost, an innovative knuckle bow, a streamlined stern and a lower submerged volume when the boat sails listed to the benefit of performances.

Even though the clean geometries and straight lines in both the hull and the deck make the yacht attractive, the C57 has no chines.

Sides host windows significantly much bigger than those already existing in the current models of the shipyard and positioned so that they can flood interiors with natural light.

Bavaria Yachtbau C57
Un rendering che evidenzia la poppa attrezzata del Bavaria C57.

The double-level deckhouse is higher to the mast and a little higher than deck teak flooring to the middle of the fore triangle. It is overlooked by bright windows and features six skylights and six built-in hatches which don’t compromise the spaciousness of the sun pads. We also appreciate the dark stripe gathering the vertical windows and extending over the dodger specifically designed to give a more tapered shape to the already low superstructure.

Equipped with two rudders, the wheel house has been designed so that the boat can be managed by small crews. All the manoeuvres are brought to two winches per side and all the deck hardware is ergonomically positioned for the easy sailing, such that it is possible to sail the boat also in a short crew.
In the middle of the cockpit, two lunch tables equipped with telescopic support and positioned opposite each C-shaped guest bench, can be lowered and converted into an addition large sun pad.

Bavaria Yachtbau il quadrato del C57
The dinette of the C57, in the version with walnut finishes.

Below deck, the spaces designed by Leo Curin’s Pulse Yacht Studio are really generous: with 88 square metres of living space, the BAVARIA C57 offers “the largest living area in its class”, as declared by the shipyard itself.

Interiors layout reproduces some modern stylistic dictates, with a galley located next to the main bulkhead and at a lower lever compared with the rest of the living area.

On the left, there’s a lunch area for 6 guests while, along the starboard tack, ahead of the chart table, stands a sofa for two. The model exhibited in Düsseldorf featured walnut finishes, a little dark to enhance the spaces below deck. Cabins have a traditional layout including a fore master cabin and two astern guest cabins. However, the shipyard offers some alternative layouts up to five cabins and a crew one. All the versions include an astern garage where to accommodate a rigid-keel tender, hidden by the transom which can turn into a swimming platform.

Bavaria Yachtbau C57 cabina armatoriale
The master cabin.

Both the hull and the deck are laminated thanks to vacuum infusion technology, a solution which allows to use the least possibile amount of resin necessary to make structural fibers strong and protected; thanks to this new construction system, boat weight can be significantly reduced without compromising resistance and solidity.

Moreover, all interiors, built with the innovative Modutec system, are assembled in modules out of boat, included all the on-board accessories; once the hull building is finished, modules can be added. The result is a new boat which will certainly catch the attention of both traditional Bavaria customers and anyone seeking for something fanciful.


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