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In Genoa, the Italian shipyard Dellapasqua exhibits the DC Seven Sport and the DC Seven Cabin  

DC Seven Sport

One is black, self-confident and aggressive. The other is white, peaceful and elegant. Observed side by side, separated only by the gazebo set up at booth AA25, they seem to be completely incompatible.

Featuring opposite personalities yet belonging to the same family, the DC Seven Sport and the DC Seven Cabin are the two boats that Dellapasqua DC International Yachts exhibits at the 60th Genoa International Boat Show (in addition to the rendering of a new and ambitious project that we will talk about shortly). The two antithetical models, however, have something in common: the elegance that distinguishes all the boats that the historic Italian shipyard has been building with passion, competence and success since 1959.

In detail, the DC Seven Sport, presented in Genoa with black-coloured livery and red leather cushions, is a sporty open boat thanks to a particular hull, winner of the Italian and European offshore championships. It is therefore a high-performance boat which, while preserving its safety and reliability features, can reach a top speed of 65 knots when fitted with a Mercury Racing sterdrive engine. Alternatively, the owner can opt for one or two outboards.

DC Seven Sport and DC Seven Cabin: an incredible duo by Dellapasqua

DC Seven Cabin

Modularity is the main feature of the DC Seven Sport: the backward position of the triple seat leaves room for a large and low sundeck whose removable seats can, when necessary, turn into backrests or, alternatively, into very comfortable seats during navigation. The result is an extraordinarily versatile walk-around boat, a compact yet spacious motorboat.

The DC Seven Cabin, instead, is a fisherman, suitable for offshore fishing activities. An authentic day-cruiser, equipped with a cabin in the bow and powered by a Suzuki DF250 250HP outboard. Like all the boats of the Italian brand, the DC Seven Cabin is 100% customizable.

In conclusion, the DC Seven Sport and the DC Seven Cabin have two different characters, more aggressive the first, more graceful the other, but the same refinement that has characterized Dellapasqua creations for 61 years.


DC Seven Sport: Technical Specs

Length (engine excluded) 7.75 m
Width 2.50 m (trailerable)
Weight (engine excluded) 2.000 kg
Passengers Capacity 8
Berths 1/2
Engines 1/2 outboards or 1 sterndrive

DC Seven Cabin:Technical Specs

Length (engine excluded) 7.75 m
Width 2.50 m (trailerable)
Weight (engine excluded) 2,000 kg
Passengers Capacity 8
Berths 1/2
Cabin headroom 1.85 m
Engines 1/2 outboards or 1 sterndrive

Click here to visiti the page dedicated to Dellapasqua DC International Yachts on our Virtual Boat Show.

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