Endurance 72

Pardo Yachts Endurance 72: elegance blends with eco-speed technology

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Many are the strengths of the new Endurance 72, the latest jewel from Pardo Yachts, starting with a hull optimized for IPS propulsion, an engine room already prepared for hybrid engines, and design for long-range eco speed cruising, the new Pardo Yachts parameter. This new technology will in fact make it possible to calculate at what speed the best fuel economy is achieved, ensuring the best trim for on-board comfort and maximum performance efficiency.

Three engine options are available on this yacht: 2 Volvo Penta D13 IPS 1050 as standard equipment, 2 IPS 1200 or 2 IPS 1350 as an option. According to tests, when choosing the IPS 1350 engines, which are also the maximum displacement engines that can be fitted, the solution that provides fuel efficiency and comfort on board is around 12 knots. Thanks to the capacious 6000-liter fuel tank, and the engines just mentioned, Endurance 72 when at 12 knots consumes about 80 l/h, resulting in the best range, which is around 72 hours.

As mentioned above, the hull has been completely redesigned: developed through an in-depth analysis of computational fluid dynamics, it has assumed a deadrise angle that progressively decreases from bow to stern, thus ensuring greater dynamic stability in planing with sea rough conditions. Moreover, the joystick on IPS transmissions makes it much easier to control in mooring and maneuvering operations, even with small crew.


Endurance 72 exterior

The exteriors of this Endurance 72 speak for themselves: sleek, elegant and designed to offer maximum comfort. Designed specifically for long-range cruising, the latest Pardo Yachts’addition follows two main themes for the its exterior design: functionality and comfort.

The new lightweight T top with adjustable slats is designed to achieve greater usability of the flybridge, protecting and shading it without affecting the stability of the hull or even the overall aesthetics.

The two fold-down decks on the flybridge are capable of providing over 40 square meters of extra space to easily move around the cockpit when you stop sailing. In addition, the extreme possibility of customization makes this new Endurance 72 truly custom-made for each individual owner. In the bow for example, the owner can decide to install a Jacuzzi instead of sunbeds.

The feeling you get at first glance is that of the Family Feeling with which the boat was designed, evident in the original bow lines and also the walkaround on the aft deck which enlarges the living space with the family or guests, always guaranteeing elegance and comfort. The cockpit, with its two folding terraces, opens up the view and creates direct contact with the sea.


Main deck

Thanks to a new collaboration with BURDISSOCAPPONI Yachts&Design, Pardo Yachts has created two-brand new layouts for the interior of this Endurance 72.

The first option includes: a galley on the main deck aft that is able to serve the outdoor spaces, a dining area that opens onto the terrace thanks to a door, sofas and a lounging area in the bow, four cabins and five heads below deck.

The second option, on the other hand, boasts a galley on the lower deck: the Country Kitchen is the most important innovation, developed primarily for the European market and generally available only in much larger vessels.

Elegant finishes enhance the interior thanks to gray walnut veneers with a matte finish, upholstered bulkheads on the lower deck, renewed lighting that combines LEDs and spotlights on the ceiling, and finally, matte black finishes for the bathroom accessories, part handles, and more.

At 22 meters in length, 5.66 meters at maximum beam, Endurance 72, to be launched in spring 2024, has already won everyone with her elegant styling and great livability…now all that remains is to test her at sea.

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