Fiart, the success at sea with good reason

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The success of Fiart, an acronym for Fabbriche Italiane per l’Applicazione di Resine Termoindurenti, began 31 years ago with the colour and imagination of exotic countries, and the taste of victory was as Latin as the Spanish galleons that advanced in the Mediterraean on the Neapolitan coast: “Conchita” Conchita was the first fibreglass boat to which the genius of Ruggiero di Luggo, founder of the Baia-based shipyard, gave birth, catching the long wave of the economic miracle in the most eventful century; the sea engineer did do by choosing an almost common name that responded to the application of an intelligent material, ready to be developed in its most varied forms, and which, above all, inaugurated the era of the “boat for everyone”. Sailing is essentially a passion, and as such it should be shared and be accessible not only to the elite. And in the 3.60-meter Conchita this spirit of progress is summed up, of how humanity evolves from humility and does not lose the taste for exploring the liquid unconscious of those lozenge-shaped dimensions that the sea tirelessly weaves for sailors.

A far-sighted founder

fiart yachts Ruggiero di Luggo represents a reference point in the nautical sector: “For years, he has continued to invest energy and passion in designing boats that are ever more beautiful and, above all, built for those who love and live the sea as he has always done”. “For everyone” also means that the boat does not just belong to its buyer: it belongs to those who think of it, propose it, work on it; it belongs to the workers who design it and to every “single craftsman” involved in the boatyard, putting his art at the service of the nautical community that then appreciates it. There is a leading mind behind this, because good captaincy requires awareness of others and Ruggiero di Luggo spoke about this on the docks in Baia: “You are a true leader when you allow others to make mistakes because you realize that they will learn to grow from those mistakes,” as Marco Vertecchi, the Group’s Managing Director and head of personnel training, recalls.

Only this path boat rental of maritime wisdom leads to luxury which, in this case, is not an ostentation of accessory futility but a renaissance luxury made up of “boats on a human scale”, where “comfort, performance and design” serve navigation and not ostentation for its own sake.  The result is the “absolute quality” that the Fiart Group relentlessly strives for, with two motor yacht brands: Fiart and Cetera, which in turn are the total creators of their yacht models ranging between 35 to 60 feet in length. To add to this sense of shared nautical passion, there is also the Fiart Rent division, which takes care of the rental of its own production boats. In a generational continuum, Fiart’s managing director, Giancarlo di Luggo, takes over the helm of this Italian boating excellence, summing up the family’s history by recalling the “passion, the epic beginnings and the continuous investment in ambitious projects” and looking to the future: “Understanding the change and the time to face it is our challenge for the next few years, buoyed by the legacy of our father Ruggiero and the love he passed on to fiart us for this work”. This vision is confirmed by Annalaura di Luggo, who chairs Fiart and emphasizes the importance of looking at “what surrounds us with new eyes, learning to enhance it”. The Group’s catch is rich and lively, there is “a lot of effort and work that, over the last 12 months, have meant that today the shipyard is able to present to the market both new Seawalker 39 and the 35 after the undisputed success of the Seawalker 43, which has become a real object of desire”, explains Simone Lorenzano, general manager of the brand. Seawalker “walks on water”, there is the prodigy, the miracle in this range of boats that does honour to the Italian boating industry, by contributing to a “reality strongly rooted in the territory”.

A wonderful setting for the Fiart Seawalker 39

This compelling story was shipyard staged in a marine theatre of rare beauty: Baia, just a few miles from the mythical submerged city that hides the classical beauties of a unique era in an archaeological marine park, otherwise known as the “submerged Pompeii”. The “Inside Fiart” event was attended by Sales Network partners from all over Europe and customers. It was the perfect occasion to sea trial the Seawalker 39 and appreciated its details and stunning interiors and exteriors. Navigation is safe and quiet: but to really appreciated the Seawalker, you have to see her and not just talk about her. The Seawalker 39,59 and 43 (together with the Cetera 60) will be exhibited at the next Cannes Yachting Festival, from 7-12 September, then at the Genoa Boat Show, from 16-21 September. Stefano Pastrovich, the talented architect and yacht designer with will be designing the Fiart’s new model in 2022, also appeared on video during the “Inside Fiart” event. His ambition is “to create an “iconic boat, full of style without sacrificing volume, designed for a clientele demanding quality, design and exquisite craftsmanship“. How to deny them.

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