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At the Boot 2017, Frauscher didn’t play on novelties but exhibited two special editions. So, in addition to a “normal” 747 Mirage, it brought two limited edition models: the 1017 Lido Limited Edition Thomas Rath and the 1414 Timeless Edition. In particular, the latter was built for an important German real estate society which desired a very particular product for its customers: ” Impeccably refined – says Mauro Feltrinelli, the soul of Frauscher Italia and Nautica Feltrinelli – with exclusive details, very difficult to create. The challenge for the shipyard was to satisfy a so demanding customer successfully”.

Mauro Feltrinelli è tra i primi a credere al marchio Frauscher.
Mauro Feltrinelli strongly believes in the Frauscher brand

The Frauscher 1017 Lido designed by the German stylist maintains the typical style of a luxury tender or rather a party-boat, that is a means conceived to have fun; but what so special with this limited edition?
” Nothing – says Feltrinelli – nothing because we’re used to have strange things on board. We like to build particular boats and follow all our customer’s instructions: the owner makes demands and, as far as possible, we’re used to satisfy them. We only suggest some adjustments in case of excessive requests in terms of functionality or impossible demands but the rest is carte blanche” .

Dettaglio della zona centrale del 1017 Lido in cui si nota lo speciale allestimento per la limited edition Thomas Rath.
The central zone of the Frauscher 1017 Lido Limited Edition Thomas Rath.

The relationship with customers is something essential for Frauscher because who chooses its boats is a “particular and very demanding customer looking for the total satisfaction of his tastes”.

About 10 years ago, Frauscher managed to restore the prestige of boats under 10 metres. Until the late 20th century, boats up to 31 feet were considered as affordable products for working-class boating. Their prestige exclusively lay in sizes without the typical allure of the ’60s, when some prestigious brands allowed people to impress with a boat of just 5 metres.

With its stylistic and conceptual change of direction, the Austrian shipyard came back to that trend producing extremely luxurious boats for a narrow niche with no exaggerations in terms of size and decorations.

Dettaglio della zona centrale del 1017 Lido in cui si nota lo speciale allestimento per la limited edition Thomas Rath.
Seats with diamond capitonné upholstery of the Frauscher  1017 Lido limited edition Thomas Rath.

At this point the question is: are Frauscher creations boats able to show off or sail well? The Italian businessman replies: “First of all, a boat must sail and must sail well. Talking about this special edition designed by Thomas Rath and featuring a very cool style,  what I like the most is that the boat has, first of all, a hull which sails well. Then, refined details, such as diamond capitonné upholstery, glasses cases and steel handles covered with leather are possible because what matters most is there: waterlines which ensure comfort, safety and great performances. It’s a means which always take you home and allow to sail in any condition safely”.

After this important revolution on small boats, should we expect a Frauscher maxi yacht?

La consolle di guida del 1017 esposta al Boot 2017.
The helm station of the Frauscher 1017 exhibited at the Boot 2017.

” Never say never – replies Feltrinelli – but I wouldn’t say so in the near future. The production site in Ohlsdorf has enlarged over the last 5 years and it has achieved its highest productive strength with the 1414. But what the future holds for us is something we’ll figure out along the way”.

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