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Clear Marine: Libra Cabin 750 Sea trial

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The sunset light reflected off the mountains reddens and darkens the lake, and today we have a Libra Cabin 750 just launched by Clear Marine on test. She’s waiting for us at the quay, moored alongside it, with her Suzuki 300 HP outboard in full view.

It’s a cool autumn day, Clear Marine Libra Cabin 750 but one enveloped in an almost Manzoni-like quietness. One of those days you never forget. Perhaps because sailing in fresh water offers a poetic charm that the sea can hardly compete with.

There are no swimmers, the unexpected is almost nullified and there is also the cold: it’s the right time of year to safely “push” this Clear Marine boat and verify its maximum performance, which promises to be exhaustive, already appreciating the boat’s decisive and captivating line.

But the gentle atmosphere of this lake test also reflects well the “easy-yachting” concept that is a dowry of the Libra Cabin 750 and other Clear Marine boats.

Yes, because at the Trivolzio-based boatyard, “easy sailing for everyone” has become something of a leitmotif during the summer boat shows. When Clear Marine, through its Aries Light range, announced a parallel strategy aimed at attracting everyone to boating.

The objectives? Affordable, smaller, decidedly safe but no less beautiful boats. The aim is to keep the elitist concept of boating, which unfortunately does not benefit recreational boats, as far as possible from its production philosophy.

Libra Cabin 750: sporty, fascinating and Made in Italy

Libra Cabin 750 top view Clear Marine’s Libra Cabin 750, however, is a luxurious boat with sporty, all-Italian connotations. Comfortable and elegant, it is a beautiful day cruiser with refined details and, above all, a boat that immediately makes you want to get on board. Because in just 7.50 meters she doesn’t lack all that’s needed for cruising and, we’d like to stress, she’s not lacking in charm, even gritty at times.

In the cockpit everything is boater-friendly, but there’s a large sofa to furnish it, making everything immediately cosy. I look at the aft platform and it’s big enough to access the engine or take a dip.

The sundeck at the bow decorates the deck well and guarantees relaxation for two people. At the front, the bowplate is really marine and comfortable.

What else? A spacious side-deck performs its role very well. Moreover, the tubular handrails securely surround the bow and run all the way to the cockpit.

The helm station is moved to starboard with its windscreen protecting the instrumentation. The analogue dashboard is really elegant. And to the left is the hatch for access below deck to a comfortable cabin for two.

It’s all easy on the Libra Cabin 750, just turn the key and give it a go. A boat like this – that goes “carefree” – is a fortune. Especially if you don’t have to go into debt to buy it.

What’s more, the Libra Cabin 750 is ideal for land travel. It can be wheeled around thanks to its beam of just 2.45 meters and is just 50 centimeters longer than a SUV. And without the engine, it weighs just 1,650 kilograms.

boat on lake

Libra Cabin 750 Sea Trial: great planing performance

But you should see how she gets up on plane. The Libra Cabin 750 rises out of the water with impressive precision, rare among similar competitors.

The project and design are the work of Giuseppe Messinese, owner of Clear Marine, and Federico Fiorentino. Both highly experienced, they managed to find the right compromise between limited length to reduce running costs and good outdoor living space.

All this, however, without sacrificing the cabin, a much appreciated plus. Because it’s a cabin that’s spacious enough, but where even taller people, as in our case, can stretch out for a night at anchor without too much pretension.

The Libra Cabin 750 is on the market at a price of around €91,000, which makes her affordable for anyone who wants a boat that offers the kind of seafaring wonder that no one should be without.

What’s more, Clear Marine is known for offering customization options of up to 90 per cent. The colours of the Libra Cabin 750 range from elegant vermillion to sporty anthracite grey or classic marine white.

Clear Marine at sea

On the day of this sea trial, the north wind blows tensely and cold. Ten knots in all, but the local lake winds are unpredictable. Before casting off, I take a look at the charts and, immersed in the serenity of the cockpit, I realize that the upholstery leave nothing to be desired. The aft sofa seat also lends itself to putting my elbows on the cockpit table, where I write down my first notes.

Libra 750 Cabin I notice that the boat is also equipped with a ready-to-use awning, by raising the tubes on either side of the aft seats.

There’s also a large full-beam locker just below the stern seats, which allows you to stow a good amount of on-board equipment.

The aft sofa can also be converted into a sundeck by simply folding down the backrest and inserting a cushion between the two side benches.

I take the helm and sit in the trellis seat, the view is excellent.

To put her to the test, we start catching waves from the bow, but the Libra Cabin 750 lives up to her name: she is balanced without giving rise to any doubts on the part of those who are controlling her.

I push the throttle forward, the boat reaches 20 knots, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that if it wasn’t for the cold wind raising my chin. At this speed the boat stays fairly dry. Navigation is smooth and the wake is clean, with no smears. There are no creaks or strange bumps on the hull. Above all, there is no discomfort that causes the embarrassing feeling of insecurity sometimes found on boats of the same size.

The turns I subjected Clear Marine boat on plane the Libra Cabin 750 to are precise, confirming the boat’s excellent directionality, in addition to the appropriate response of the rudder.

But I want to see if the Libra Cabin 750 really is the “energy concentrate” that someone mentioned to me. Placed with the north wind in the stern, she shows all her maximum power: 42 knots, with the rpm speedometer standing at 6,000 and consumption reaching 96 liters per 100 kilometers. These are not common figures.

At 3/4 trim planing is smooth. The Libra Cabin 750 is outstretched in a flow of power that only such a well-developed hull can deliver.

Clear Marine’s Libra Cabin 750, thanks to the hull steps, is able to channel the water and trigger a virtuous process of gliding. The angle of incidence also contributes to the highly appreciable performance we experienced during the test. It’s a real boat (for everyone).

Clear Marine lake test

Libra Cabin 750 – Performance Data

RpmKnotsConsumption l/h

Libra Cabin 750 sea trial

Libra Cabin 750 – Technical Specs

Length7.50 m
Weight (without engine)1,600 kg
Fuel Capacity285 l
Beam2.45 m
Passengers Capacity12 persons
Engine Power350 hp
Water Tank50 l
Fuel Tank285 l
Project and DesignG. Messinese and F. Fiorentino

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