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Med Group sails fast: lots of novelties for the young group

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Unstoppable growth for Med Group, the brand that makes innovation the watchword of its business along with a meticulous attention to the needs of customers who therefore become the main interlocutors of the company.

Massimiliano Marangella Med SpA
Massimiliano Marangella, Commercial Director of Med Group

The path of the young group seems to be clearly defined and it moves towards yachting market and maritime safety. The latter, in particular, is a subject that most of us are more likely to read on nautical manuals than put in practice. It is no coincidence that Arimar, ambassador of maritime safety since 1989, has imposed itself in this field. Just a few weeks ago, the Marina di Varazze hosted the demonstration test ” 20 hours on board a life raft”. The interest emerged from the demonstration (please read “Arimar Test. 20 hours on board a life raft“) was surprising, lots of comments by curious boaters as well as some doubts about the choice of the location didn’t take long to get and someone even wonders why we had chosen a marina rather than open seas. We have met Massimilano Marangella, Commercial Director of the Ravenna-based group, at the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous.

“Well – he said- boat owners are always the first to ignore dangers at sea. They are used to say: “it won’t happen to me” but, when an emergency really happens and they are required to handle a stressful situation on board a life raft, it’s always better to be properly prepared. The demonstration part of the test was highly instructive and it was really interesting that the life raft flipped over because we had the opportunity to show how the castaway can get it back to its original position before climbing on board”.

Med Smart, Web App of Med SpA
The Med Smart Web App

The mission of the company is clear: to raise boaters’ awareness of the issue of maritime safety and provide them with all the useful tools to get acquainted with a principle which should become essential for any captain.

” We’ll make every effort to make boaters understand the importance of having a life raft or any other safety device on board that should, in turn, comply with current rules and regulations” – concluded Marangella. Med Start, the Web App developed by the group, is a first step in this direction. More and more boaters use it to check the inspection status of their life raft. You only have to enter the registration number of your safety device and, if an inspection is required, you can book it with a simple click.

Philip Kotler stated that there are two types of companies: those who change and those who disappear, and it is clear how Med Group has taken the evolution path. Nano tender is the latest ambitious project which is part of the ongoing development of the group. The new brand of luxury tenders, presented in world premiere at Mets 2017, is taking its first steps within yachting industry. And what better scenario than the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous, the heart of high-level Italian boat building industry, to survey the market? And it’s while we were moving from a bow to another of those giants of the sea that Marangella answered my question:

Nano Tender 3.2, Med SpA
Nano Tender 3.2, Med SpA

” We’ve many contacts with the main Italian shipyards for the Nano tender. I’ve chosen the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous to analyze the real feelings of the market around this product. Nano it the latest project of the company, it’s a product which is intended to offer custom solutions within just 3 meters of length; it is indeed totally customizable, both in terms of colour options and materials”.

Customization has become a familiar concept on large-sized boats but is still far from being applied on small boats for various reasons, including the inevitable high production costs that customization involves. However, the ambitious company has decided to think big even for a small product like Nano. Curious to analyze the performances of this boat, we asked Massimiliano to test it; he accepted cheerfully and invited us to sea trial both the models of the line: the 2.7 and the 3.2.

workforce, Med SpA
Med Group

For the next future of Med Group, Marangella seems to have a precise program: ” We’re already working for 2019. In the first months of this year, we confirmed that we will join IBEX show in Tampa and MetsTrade in Amsterdam. We are well on the way of confirming our participation in the International Genoa Boat Show, which is the main bastion not only for yachtsmen but also, of course, for our reference market: the domestic market”.

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