Nuova jolly NJ 700 XL
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After much awaited anticipation, partly tempered by thenuova jolly marine NJ 700 XL disclosure of the first pictures stolen some days ago by our journalists and published on our Facebook page, the NJ 700 XL – the latest creation by the boatyard Nuova Jolly – is finally here, on display with the Prince 21, 23 and 25 and the new Naumatec E-tender 460 at the 2018 Boot Düsseldorf.

The last two letters of the name – XL – suggest the feature which immediately stands out when looking at the stern of this new boat, that is width. With a maximum beam of 3.14 meters, the new 700 XL is the widest 7-meter RIB never built.

NJ 700 XL
With a beam of 3.14 meters, the NJ 700 XL is the widest 7-meter RIB never built. Nevertheless, when her tubes are deflated, she is easily transportable.

However, it would be simplistic to recognize these “wide hips” as the most innovative aspect of the project. The technical office of the Bussero-based boatyard, located just a few meters far from the Martesana river, primarily focused on the concept of a new hull which could provide Teo Aiello and his team’s insights with a consistent support. Thus, they decided to provide the boat with greater spaciousness at identical overall length and excellent performance even when fitted with less powerful engines and therefore offered at a more affordable price and lower fuel consumption levels.

Looking at the new NJ 700 XL, the viewer’s attention is immediately drawn by the considerable beam of the boat, a 20-degree dead rise and therefore a very large stern which inevitably results into extraordinary performance. At the bow, the V of the hull becomes even deeper, with a 55-degree dead rise which guarantees surprising balance and stability in all conditions.

But since there’s more to life than waterlinesNJ 700 XL, bow, layouts, too, have been significantly revisited. Starting from the bow, for example, where the sun pad of the predecessor has been replaced by a real dinette, equipped with a V-shaped settee facing a double settee located just next to the steering console. In the middle, a dinner table can accommodate up to 6 people in total comfort. By removing the table, however, this space turns into a wide relaxation area where passengers can take a sunbath comfortably. Of course, every seat hides a large storage locker underneath.

The center console benefits from a new layout, with a free passage on both sides, a double stand-up seat and a deep, sturdy toe-clip. Behind the pilot house is an additional convivial space. The settee which is closest to the pilot seat houses a thermally-insulated locker which can function as an icebox or include a hot plate and a fridge.

NJ 700 XL The transom accommodates an additional seat which contributes to create a large central space which can be furnished with a coffee table and larger dinner table or function as an additional sunbath. A huge storage locker is located underneath.

In the stern, on the left of the engine, there’s a folding boarding ladder which, when not in use, disappears in its housing, leaving an encumbered passage between the dock and the cockpit.

Maximum power is 250hp engine. Tested on a lake, with five passengers on board and full fuel and water tanks, the new NJ 700 XL touched a top speed of 45 knots. But, as we’ve already mentioned, the powerful waterlines make it possible to use even less powerful and more affordable engine options. According to the shipyard, a 150hp engine is sufficient to enjoy good performance in terms of speed, planing and acceleration. Now, we just have to wait for our chance to test her.



Nuova Jolly Marine NJ 700 XL – Technical Specs

Inner Tube Length                       6.99 m

External Tube Length                 3.14 m

Inner Tube Width                        1.90

Compartments                                 6

Dry Weight                                     900 kg

Accommodation                           14

Maximum Power                       250 hp

Price                                   € 30,200.00  VAT excluded



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