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Last year, we tested a ZAR 85 SL Test Zar 85 SLpowered with a powerful Suzuki DF 300 engine. Out test experience had highlighted all the qualities of the Formenti‘s flagship and we actually didn’t need to find out anything else about this boat. But the boatyard has wanted to tickle our curiosity and all Zar enthusiasts’ one by fitting the 85-footer with an engine option never seen before and installing two amazing Suzuki DF 250 outboards. So, our desire to test this boat again, first at the Genoa International Boat Show and then on Lake Maggiore, has become uncontainable. Results have been exhilarating, with a top speed of 54 knots (last year, we touched “just” 37.2 knots).

Zar 85 SL – Description

Before casting off, we want to get back on board the flagship of the Sport Luxury line to refresh our memory. We had already had the Zar-85-SL-alto opportunity to appreciate the generous volumes of the deck, which offers a large stable surface were to move and lot of space anywhere. The ergonomic nature of this “semi-rigid” boat is enhanced by a fore asymmetric steering console which frees a very wide bow-to-stern passage on the left side.

Always in the bow, guests can enjoy a comfortable relaxation area furnished with some sofas which, in their turn, hide three large lockers underneath. Another strength is represented by the deep anchor locker positioned in the foremost point of the bow.

Characterized by a sporty layout, the steering console was clearly designed to jump on waves. The two seats are enveloping, the co-pilot can count on a sturdy handrail and even the footrest guarantees a safe stable positioning. Underneath the console, a twin-bedded cabin benefits from a maximum height of 1.55 metres. A marine toilet can be installed on demand. Zar 85 SL

Behind the helmsman station is a well-arranged forward area. Furnished with a U-shaped sofa and a demountable dinner table, it includes a comfortable galley located just behind the pilots’ seats. Well-sheltered, it is equipped with a grill, a sink and a fair-sized refrigerator: in short, all you need to prepare much more than simple snacks. The whole area is protected by a large awning which takes just a few seconds to disappear in navigation.

Sea Trial

Climbing on board and starting sailing on board this boat is like finding an old friend. The unmistakable hull with its deep V, the two lateral tunnels – already tested both on board the Zar 85 and the 49 – and the advanced stem guarantee the unique stability and responsiveness of all Zar Formenti crafts.

Mistral has already engendered its waves and a rough sea immediately welcomes us when we go out the inner breakwater. When we speed up, the power of the two Suzuki outboards is immediately palpable. Acceleration is instant and speed increases promptly. But, above all, the hull of the Zar 85 SL proves to live up to such powerful motorization. Even when we decide to sail in open sea, the forward area of the boat remains perfectly dry while the fore V ploughs through waves and deflects water. The two lateral tunnels support any acceleration and guarantee high performance and great stability.

Zar 85 SL provaEven when we opt for tighter turns and expose the outermost part of the tubes to waves, stability is never compromised and we don’t perceive any rolling resistance.

Now, it’s time to test the real power of the two Suzuki 250 engines. As we’ve already said above, this double motorization is the most powerful one never installed on board the Zar 85 SL. These V-6 four-stroke outboards feature a displacement of 3,614 cc and a powerful 32-bit electronic fuel injection computer that guarantees excellent fuel efficiency and very high performance.

At 3,000 rpm, speed is more than satisfactory and, above all, fuel consumption is equal to 46 l/h for both engines.

We go on speeding up and what we see is absolutely astonishing: at 4,000 rpm, we touch 35 knots that become 54 at 5,500 rpm. The sea stops us here and we therefore decide not to further stress the boat. So, we give up testing performance at 6,000 rpm.Zar 85 SL

Excellent speed, power and stability are the direct result of the hull of this Zar 85 SL and the two Suzuki DF 250 engines.

Zar 85 SL – Technical Specifications

Overall length 8.55m
Overall Width 3.25 m
Walkable Inner surface 2.20 m
Tube diameter 60 cm
Compartments 6
Dry weight (with no engines) 1,900 kg
Motorization 2 Suzuki DF 250 engines
Fuel Tank Capacity 400 l
Water Tank Capacity 100 l
Passenger Capacity 14
Beds 2
Design category B
Styling and deck design Carlos Vidal
Naval architecture Francesco Ambrosini
Technical Project Luca Formenti
General Project Manager Piero Formenti

Sea trial – Performance

rpm speed l/h l/nm
1,000 5 9 1.8
2,000 10 22 2.2
3,000 23 46 2.0
4,000 35 82 2.3
5,000 45 125 2.8
5,500 54 147 2.7

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