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It seems like it passed a hundred years since summer.

It seems like it passed a hundred years even since the 9th of September, date which signed the beginning of the “boat shows’ season”. Season that, just like every year, is opened by the Cannes Yachting Festival and lead us to discover the majority of the news that the shipyards, more or less secretly, jealously kept secret in the waiting for the very beginning of this amazing period.

Swan 48 By the way, this year the atmosphere was different from the previous editions that, even considering the economical recovery, still weren’t communicating the lively optimism which finally we could breath during the recent September boat shows.

It might be because is so hard to keep the distances from the sea, it might bee for the pleasant absence of international recessions (talking about a complete recovery would be excessive) but, in a way which is almost certain, shipyards and owners restarted a concrete meeting, and the selling restarted at an interesting rhythm.

It was a definitely a happy time, so happy and so crowed.

Also it was “crowed” in news that we, as the other magazines did, wanted to re-tell and document in every detail. Of course we did a necessary selection, but, useless to deny it, it was a hard working month.

“Happy” because to sea an industry that produces such a beauty in its re-rising era it’s always a great emotion.

Franchini MIA 6.3 A beauty that clearly shines while browsing the pages of the last issue of The International Yachting Media Digest that, like in every quarter, summarizes and chooses the most relevant news in order to tell them, turned into words and pictures, to our readers. 

And the beauty in this issue also becomes a tribute. A tribute to the shipyards that kept on investing, even while the rational thought would have suggested the opposite, and that now, happily, could show their “debuting” to the many interested owners who crowded the wards of the sold-out exhibitions.

And it’s exactly for this reason that we decided to give to those “debuting” yachts the majority of our precious magazine’s space.

Magazine that, since July, can be browsed on our incredibly fast and free App which, catching the chance, welcomes in its menu a “Special Boat Shows” developing section, aimed to keep you always updated on the incoming news and all the things what we experience live. 

It’s with a happy satisfaction that, finally, I wish you an amazing reading time.

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