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Quick Gyro Stabilizer “let your life be perfect “: here are all the videos

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All the episodes of Quick Gyro Stabilizer advertising campaign are on line.

Quick Spa, the international leader of marine accessories, completes ” MC2 Quick Gyro: Let your life be perfect”, the new advertising campaign for its gyro stabilizers .

The campaign, made up of five video pills, tells, in an ironic and funny way, how gyro stabilizers have become an essential element of the modern sailing experience.

Quick-gyro stabilizer 1

The seaman

It is therefore no surprise that the first episode, entitled ” The Seaman”, leads us on board a wonderful boat where the sea causes a little of confusion.

Quick-gyro stabilizer 2


“Wedding”is the title of the second episode of the series which, with a touch of genius, plays with pictures and words to highlight what’s truly important in life.

Quick-gyro stabilizer 3


The third episode shows the typical situation where everything taking place on board is inevitably considered as a fault of the captain who, fortunately, has a chance to make things right.

Quick-gyro stabilizer 4Seasickness 1

The last two episodes are dedicated to seasickness and offer an ironic vision of the “analog” options to stabilizers.


Stabilizers are becoming an increasingly more essential item for both new and refitted boats“,

Quick SpA President & CEO Michele Marzuccom states,

Let your life be perfect conveys what boat owners want: a perfect sailing experience in a spirit of absolute comfort.

Our Quick MC2 Gyro is a technologically advanced stabilizer with unique operation and the new campaign proposes a innovative product approach with the aim of explaining it to the spectators in a direct, simple and intuitive way”.

Developed by BLive Communication, the advertising campaign sets the five funny videos on board an amazing Pardo 43 which, thanks to its elegance look, immediately returns that image of luxury and elegant life on boat that every boat owner wants and that now, thanks to the Quick Gyro Stabilizers, becomes even more perfect.

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