Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive: when comfort is adrenaline

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Cayman 28.0 Executive: the new boat by Ranieri International is a mix of comfort and adrenaline

On board the Cayman 28.0 Executive, comfort and safety go hand in Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive sea trialhand with speed and agility. A perfect combination of comfort and performance, this boat is undoubtedly one of the best equipped sundecks currently available on the market.

One of main novelties introduced by Ranieri Internation for the 2020/21 season, the Cayman 28.0 Executive is therefore destined to conquer the market of the cabin-equipped RIBs thanks to her large volumes both on the main and the lower deck, which houses a generous sleeping zone, thus making the latest Italian shipyard’s creation a very impressive day cruiser.

The Cayman 28.0 Executive is based on the same hull of the Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring, with three supporting skids and two steps for minimum rolling resistance and maximum comfort at sea. A double task that, as we will see, the 28.0 fulfills with full marks.

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive stepped hull

 Exteriors: a super solarium on the bow and a lounge-looking cockpit

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive top viewThe Cayman 28.0 Executive is a RIB devoted to relaxation. This can be immediately understood from the large solarium on the bow, covered with elegant padded cushions that continue on the forward side of the quarterdeck.

This clever solution allows to sunbathe in total comfort and safety thanks to the presence of two sturdy stainless steel handles.

The edge of the plexiglass windscreen is equally made of stainless steel and protects the console, where two displays are dedicated to navigation and engine data respectively.

The double seat, which can be converted into aRanieri Cayman 28.0 Executive stern lumbar support, hides a regrigerator while, behind the backrests, a kitchen cabinet is equipped with stove, sink and a retractable seat that overlooks the cockpit.

There, passengers can enjoy an extraordinarily cosy living zone: the large U-shaped sofa, convertible into an additional sunpad, seems to have been carved out between the two bulkheads that rise above the tubulars and allow to take advantage of high and comfortable backrests.

On the stern, the lateral platforms facilitate the access to the water while, on the bow, the deck is raised above the rest of the deck to give volume to the cabin, which can be accessed from the left side of the cockpit.

Interiors: much more than a simple cabin

Essential but refined, the interior layout of the Cayman 28.0 Executive guarantees good habitability: the 165 centimeters of headroom and the almost 3.5 meters of width make this boat a pleasant and comfortable relaxation oasis, where a large double bed exploits the maximum beam while a separate head completes the night setup. In short, despite the size of the hull, the spaces below deck are really surprising.

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive cabinRanieri Cayman 28.0 Executive toilet

Sea Trial: an extraordinarily seaworthy stepped hull

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive departureThe model we test in the waters of Varazze is powered by twin powerful Suzuki 200HP engines.

At 2,500 rpm, the boat gets up on plane with a speed of over 15 knots: responsiveness is excellent thanks to this innovative stepped hull that drastically reduces friction while delivering excellent seaworthiness. Not surprisingly, the boat glides on the waves without never losing control.

At 24 knots – at this cruising speed, fuel consumption is really great (around 41 l/h) – we begin to have fun: after some turns and a “8” to test the behavior of the boat in the presence of slightly more demanding waves (the sea today is flat), the Cayman reacts with impressive speed and cuts the wave like a knife, without any hesitation.

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive turnsRanieri Cayman 28.0 Executive turns 2

Tubulars do not vibrate, the hull is stable and adrenaline grows. We raise the trim a little and push the throttles all the way down because it’s time to get to the point. The rev counter seems to have gone mad: 5,000, 5,500, 6,000 rpm in a matter of seconds and a top speed of 44.5 knots. What a RIB, guys! And what a hull! An extraordinarily seaworthy hull.

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive cruising speedRanieri Cayman 28.0 Executive top speed

In conclusion, if you like RIBs, the Cayman 28.0 Executive is the right option for you: agile, exciting and safe. Furthermore, she hides a really comfortalbe cabin inside. Your partner will convince you to test her.

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive: Performance

Rpm Knots L/h L/nm
600 2 2.8 1.4
1,000 4.5 6 1.3
1,500 7 8.2 1.1
2,000 9 19.4 2.1
2,500 14 25.6 1.8
3,000 17 29.8 1.7
3,500 24 41.2 1.7
4,000 26.5 52.3 1.9
4,500 29 58 2
5,000 35 96 2.7
5,500 40 118 2.9
6,000 44.5 140 3.1

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive under way 

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive: Technical Specs

LOA 3.30 m
Tubular Diameter 0.65 m
Compartments 6
Passengers Capacity
Berths 2
Weight 2,000 kg
Min/Max Power 300 / 600
Engine and Shaft 1XXL – 2XL
Fuel Capacity 420 l
Water Capacity 80 l
EC Category

Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive bow

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