Scanner Envy 1200 HT
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Scanner Envy 1200 HT, sea trial with douple Yamaha 425 setup

When a hull is well-made, there is not need for high-performance powertrain. This is a postulate that should always guide us when looking for a technically perfect boat, that is, one with water lines that can minimize friction and cruise smoothly in various marine weather conditions. Features that the Scanner Envy 1200 HT we just tested proves to have since, with very little horsepower really, it offers truly out-of-the-ordinary performance.

Scanner Envy 1200 HT, sea trial with douple Yamaha 425 setup

It’ s late afternoon when I climb aboard the Envy 1200 HT. We are on Lake Maggiore and the autumn colors are reflected on the white livery of this boat creating a decidedly intriguing overall view. The engines are mumbling at idle as we leave the port in this fairytale setting, and I think I’m just curious to see how it will go with this propulsion.

850 horsepower on a boat of this level is not a lot. The boat has a real interior, teak deck and a full fuel tank: in running order I would guess we will be around 8 tons total.

Yet, as soon as I place my hand on the throttles and push forward, the Scanner snaps forward and comes out of the water with unexpected ease. I stop, because I don’t believe it, and try again getting the same result. Man the minimum glide is between 10 and 11 knots, crazy!



I accelerate hard and the maxi rib snaps forward, 20, 30, 40 and it doesn’t stop. We get to 45 knots in a blink of an eye, then I trim the two outboards to the limit and get to read 47.4 knots top speed: amazing!

The hard top on the Scanner Envy 1200 HT is well thought out and the wind protection, even at this speed, is basically perfect. Today it is 10/12 degrees and I go without being cold, not bad really.

I slow down to about 30 knots and begin to make a series of turns, first broad then tight, trying to get this boat in trouble but it simply doesn’t care and continues to go as if it were on rails. I draw circles in the water to create waves that I then pass through without slowing down, the Envy rises and then descends these mountains of artificial water without fluttering, never an uncertainty. What a hull guys, what a hull …

We stop and I leave the controls to Fabio Montemitro, I want to take some shots with my drone, this light is too special not to take home some photos. I launch the drone, start shooting and in an instant I understand the real reason why the Envy 1200 HT Scanner is so successful, it is really beautiful. So beautiful that every shot, instantly, creates an emotion that is hard to forget.

The Scanner Envy 1200 HT in detail

While the hull of the new Scanner Envy 1200 HT has amazed us, its deck is certainly no less. It is a masterpiece of design and ergonomics that well succeeds in synthesizing the features of a walkaround deck with those of decked maxi-rib, thus able to achieve excellent volume on the lower deck.

In fact, thanks to the two steps set at the edge of the cockpit, the side-decks rise in elevation to create valuable interior headroom while on deck they delineate the boundaries of a large bow sundeck.

Returning to the stern, centrally located, there is a large sundeck that, thanks to a moveable backrest, also serves as the aft sofa of the graceful dinette that allows as many as four people to lunch or dine al fresco in total comfort.

Further forward is a center cabinet, which, while on one side houses a full galley unit, on the other houses two pilot seats, in front of the large instrument panel.


Above all this is the Hard Top, the element that most of all characterizes this Maxi-Rib and that, in addition to shading this whole, shelters from the weather and generates, taking advantage of the continuation of the windshield, the bow sundeck.

To the left is the descent to the lower deck, which, as mentioned above, surprises in size thanks to the bow deck. In fact, inside there is a hallway that houses a settee on the port side and a huge private head on the starboard side, equipped with separate shower.

Forward, a king-size bed elegantly completes the interior of the Scanner Envy 1200 HT, which, in spite of its twelve meters, offers the comfort of a much larger vessel.

The construction quality of this maxi-rib is perceptible everywhere, both above and below deck, which is another characteristic that distinguishes the boats of this iconic shipyard that, for many years, has been producing boats of an above-average level.

A level of which, as you may have already guessed, the Scanner Envy 1200 HT is a worthy representative.

Test Data

RPMSpeed in Knlt/hLt/NmDesign & ProjectD. Montemitro Design
              1,0005.413.902.6Design CategoryB
              2,00012.128.002.3LOA1200 cm
              2,50014.442.102.9Max Beam400 cm
              3,50024.194.303.9Max Passengers18
              4,50033.8170.705.1Max Power1350 hp
              5,50043.7284.606.5Tubulars Diameter60-65 cm
              6,00047.4311.306.6Tubulars MaterialHypalon-Neoprene 1670 Dtex


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