Scanner Envy 1400 Sea trial

Scanner Envy 1400: the outboard version “flies” at 50 knots

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It is difficult to go unnoticed Scanner Envy 1400, lineson board the Scanner Envy 1400. Featuring sharp and aggressive lines, this Maxi Rib flaunts a unique charm, completely different from all that we have been used to seeing so far.

Beautiful and bad, the Envy 1400 is available in many distinct variants, both in terms of colour and engine options. Today, we have the great opportunity to experience an exclusive sea trial on board one of her sportiest versions, fitted with three Mercury Verado 450 Racing engines.

Scanner Envy 1400 Sea Trial

Scanner Envy 1400, enginesA leaden sky welcomes our outing. It has just stopped raining and the passage of a weather front has generated some long and insidious waves in the sea. Nevertheless, our Scanner Envy 1400 leaves the Marina di Varazze with the engine idling and with no hesitation, while the sound of the three Mercury 450R already suggests that we will have fun.

Forteen meters are a lot and, due to the distinctive conformation that characterizes all Scanner boats, they seem even more. This Maxi-Rib is truly immense.

In the helm station, the view is great and invites to run. So, I push the throttles forward and the three engines in the stern react promptly. The boat accelerates instantly and, at 2,000 rpm, gets up on plane. In a blink of an eye, we’re running at 30 knots.

The long waves do not disturb the Envy 1400, so I push the throttles all forward. The acceleration pushes me back and the log seems to go crazy. In a matter of seconds, it marks 50 knots. I trim the outboards and, finally, we reach almost 53 knots!

Scanner Envy 1400, hull

Wit the throttles all forward, this Maxi-Rib faces the sea without any hesitation and we sail at full speed in total safety.

Sure, every now and then, we jump and get out of the water almost completely but our landing is always soft, the course safe and straight.

Scanner Envy 1400, outboardScanner Envy 1400, navigation

I slow down to around 30 knots. Scanner Envy 1400, sunsetComfort is so high that the boat seems to be stationary. Without decelerating, I perform some turns, the Scanner 1400 tilts and takes a very narrow circular course, demonstrating absolute course stability.

I counter-turn and, again, the adrenaline rises. The responsiveness of this boat, despite its length, is remarquable. Driving is exciting.

Finally, I resume a straight course to test the cruising speed and, again, the boat proves to be capable of multiple possibilities. You can sail in total comfort at around 25 knots, with a fuel consumption of just 6 l/nm, or “fly” to your destination at 40 knots. Comfort is great anyway!


RPM Knots l/h l/h
600 3.9 2.8 8.4 2.2
1,000 5.2 5.6 16.8 3.2
1,500 7.3 10.7 32.1 4.4
2,000 10.3 17.3 51.9 5.0
2,500 13 22.3 66.9 5.1
3,000 16.9 33.1 99.3 5.9
3,500 20.1 40 120 6.0
4,000 26.7 54.7 164.1 6.1
4,500 33.8 73.5 220.5 6.5
5,000 36.9 87.7 263.1 7.1
5,500 43.8 109 327 7.5
6,000 52.8 141 423 8.0


Scanner Envy 1400, T-Top

When looking at her from the dock, you immediately realize that the Envy 1400 is another jewel from the collection masterfully designed by Montemitro Design. It’s a Maxi Rib that, at first sight, instantly conceives a sense of power and sturdiness.

Scanner Envy 1400, stern sundeck Scanner Envy 1400, bow sundeck

On board, every functional and aesthetic part is developed not only with great style but also with a particular attention to volume balance.

Scanner Envy 1400, consoleScanner Envy 1400, pilot seat

The double stern sundeck, with central walkway, is extraordinarily comfortable. The cockpit, equipped with a U-shaped sofa, an extendable table and an outdoor galley, is incredibly welcoming and spacious. The helm station is equipped with a very large dashboard, the triple seat is stable and enveloping. A massive, aerodynamic and black-colourd Hard-Top offers excellent protection.

Scanner Envy 1400, cockpit Scanner Envy 1400, outdoor table

The bow, high but not suspendend when surfing, embraces the third sundeck, equally appreciated by guests on board. Walking the side-decks, you feel safe and free to go from one area of the deck to another.

Scanner Envy 1400, deck


On the left of the cockpit, there is the access to the sleeping zone. The attention to both light and finishes shows the great attention to detail by this famous shipyard to leave nothing to chance.

The interior, minimal but lively, wrapped in a rather generous volume, is also very bright thanks to the windows that run along the sides and the glass on the deckhouse.

Scanner Envy 1400, interiorsScanner Envy 1400, sofa

Furniture is of the highest level, immersed in a refined setting with warm tones.

The lower deck is an open space (with the only exception, of course, of the bathroom on the starboard side) and develops in a large and organic layout that includes a living area, with a sofa on one side and a cabinet on the other, and the master cabin, positioned in the bow and dominated by a large double bed.

Scanner Envy 1400, double bedScanner Envy 1400, bathroom

In the stern, behind the stairs that descend from the companionway, there is the VIP cabin which, with its two beds, fully exploits the maximum beam while having a lower headroom than the master cabin.

Scanner Envy 1400: Technical Specs

LOA 13.70 m
LH 11.92 m
Beam 4 m
Passengers Capacity 18
Engines 3 x Mercury Verado Racing 450 HP
CE Category B
Design & Project D. Montemitro Design – Scanner

Scanner Envy 1400, under way

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