Schenker is preparing to restart in total safety

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Schenker Watermakers, the leader of energy-saving marine watermakers

Schenker WatermakersRespect for the rules, safety and development. These are the main criteria of Schenker Watermarkers in this emergency period.

In compliance with ministerial provisions, the global leader in energy-saving marine watermakers has temporarily put production on stand-by.

However, the management of the Naples-based plant, through a dense network of external consultants, is already preparing all the necessary measures for the implementation of the new safety standards and behavioral rules for phase 2, in order to prevent  the spread of Coronavirus within the workplace when the activity is partially resumed.

Health protection and a new product for the boating market

Net of national lockdown, in fact, Schenker continues Schenker Zento work hard and has already contacted some certified companies for the supply of respiratory masks and latex gloves that workers must wear.

Access to common areas and changing rooms will be limited to a maximum of 2 people, required to respect a distance of at least one meter between each other. Continuous ventilation of the spaces will be guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the company continues to use the smart working mode for all the administrative staff whose presence in the office is not physically essential.

Management is also implementing the bureaucratic documentation in complaince with the new safety regulations and evaluating the hypothesis of a shift plan for workers with the aim of reducing contacts as much as possible.

Furthermore, the production lines have already been defined to fulfill the orders of the new ZEN line, a revolutionary watermaker unveiled just a few months ago and received by the nautical market with great commercial enthusiasm.

Schenker watermaker

The new Schenker Italia corporate headquarters is ready

Schenker Zen LineSchenker Italia never stops looking at the future with resourcefulness and foresight. As a result of a massive investment, in fact, the company inaugurated a new corporate headquarter just a few months ago to meet the demands of a constantly growing market.

The new premises, located within a modern industrial complex in the eastern area of Naples, are spread over a covered area of approximately 1,300 square meters for on-site watermakers production, storage and spare parts.

The adjoining offices, spread ovevr three floors, are for commercial and administrative staff. Even before the lockdown dicated by the Decree of the Italian Prime Minister, the entire area was sanitized by a specialized company and special measures were adopted to ensurethe safety of employees, such as adequate distance between workstations in both the procution departments and offices.

In short, at Schenker, protection of workers’ health goes hand in hand with the commitment to satisfy customer requires. The company, in fact, ensures that all orders will be processed regularly, albeit with some inevitable delay. Schenker Watermakers does not stop and is preparing to restart.

Schenker Italia Srl

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