Selva Guppy 2.5

On test. Selva Guppy 2.5: the new outboard that will revolutionize the market

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Selva Guppy 2.5 : compact, lightweight and incredibly powerful

The tender is an important accessory for a boat but the outboard engine that equips it is even more important.

In the segment of small-sized tenders, indeed, the possibility to move an outboard with minimal effort is essential and represents an important safety factor.

The new Selva Guppy 2.5 is designed to meet this specific need. Moreover, it is the lightest water-cooled outboard of the market.

That’s why we couldn’t get out of testing it.

Selva Guppy 2.5 Test

In order to carry out aSelva Guppy 2.5 and T320 Vib severe test, we have chosen an important tender. We’re talking about the Selva T 320 VIB that, with a length of 3.20 meters and a maximum power of 15 HP, will strain our outboard while offering a very comfortable cruising experience. But we’ll talk you about it later…

With a weight of just 13.5 kg, taking the Selva Guppy 2.5 on board is a piece of cake. We only need to grab the handle, lift it with a single hand and walk the gangway without hesitation. Lashing is not necessary and installation requires just one single person.

After having sailed many miles in the waters of Sardinia and have got the wonderful bay of Rena Maiore, we finally launch our tender and install the outboard for the first time.

Once the tender is positioned in the stern, I ask my son to lift and pass me it. Waves are about 30 cm high, just enough to make this operation difficult but the light weight of the outboard makes the difference. So, kneeling over the tender, I receive the engine and I put it on the stern of the tender without any difficulty.

Planing with Selva Guppy 2.5It’s the first time that our Selva Guppy 2.5 has started and I’m already thinking about how many throttle shots will be necessary to make the engine start. So, I unscrew the vent, open the outlet connection of the fuel tank and pull the air without accelerating and, at the second shot, the outboard starts without hesitation.

Not bad for a first impression!

I lower the air lever and accelerate in neutral. It’s nice to have the chance to do so, not all the small outboards allow it. I engage the forward gear and make a trial run.

The Guppy 2.5 is powerful, I use it without accelerating at full throttle for half an hour, sailing in the bay between 3 and 5 knots. Then, it’s time to test the performance of the “littlest member of the Selva family”.

I take all passengers off and remain alone on board. I move as forward as I can and accelerate decisively. The Selva Guppy 2.5 reveals an interesting torque and, in spite of the 3.20 meters of the tender, it detaches the wake and begins to glide. The bow lowers a little and I reach the remarkable speed of 10 knots!

Incredulous, Selva Guppy 2.5, Mattia-DAmbrosioI turn and try to glide against the waves. Again, the tender pulls off the trail and the speed reaches 9.4 knots.

I take my son, six feet tall, on board and I try again. Our outboard makes us run at a speed of 6.1 knots. Intrigued by this performance, I also take my wife on board and, with a total weight of 215 kg on board, our Guppy 2.5 still makes us run at a speed of 5.2 knots.

We stroll around the bay for about two hours, alternately carrying out tests and, given the heat, some visits to the kiosk on the beach. This outboard is very silent and does not strain your senses while you use it, it is pleasant to drive.

Finally, again without effort, we put it back on board the Daydreamer and check the status of the built-in 0.9 liter tank. We note that we have consumed about 2/3 of the fuel, then about 0.6 liters, which is definitely a good result considering that we have strongly strained it.

This Selva Guppy 2.5 is a great engine.

The Selva Guppy 2.5 – Description

The Selva Guppy 2.5 is a Selva Guppy 2.5 openrevolutionary outboard because, within just 13.5 kg, it condensates a broad list of features that cannot be found in any other outboard engine.

Weight: with a weight of just 13.5 kg, it is the lightest outboard of the market and the only one with such a high displacement, a gearshift and liquid cooling system.

Water-cooling system: this is an important aspect since it reduces noise, does not disturb passengers and significantly prolongs the life of the outboard.

Displacement: 87 cubic centimeters are not few for a 2.5 HP engine. The engine consumes little and is not noisy because it does not run at high speed.

Selva Guppy 2.5, open leftGearshift: the presence of a gearbox is synonymous with practicality and safety, especially for an outboard that is often used close to boats and people in the anchorages

Shut- off: the shut-off lever of the  Selva Guppy 2.5 is positioned at the end of the bar. In addition to be practical, this solution does not oblige you to turn around to switch off the outboard and is immediate. Another point in favor of security.

Emergency shutdown: positioned on the bar, it is another important practical element. The safety lanyard follows the movements of the helmsman’s hand and never tangles. It’s a good idea, all engines should be like this.

Performance: The 2.5 horsepower of the Selva Guppy is not a trade name. Here the power is great and perceivable, even with a tender as big as the one on test.


A new engine that arrives and revolutionizes the market of small outboards by setting new benchmarks. It’s really hard to do better than that.

The purchase price was not communicated to us but, we can bet, it will be as competitive as all the other outboards in the Selva range.

Selva Guppy 2.5 Technical Specs

Displacement 87 cc
Power 2,5 hp / 1,84 Kw
Cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke (mm) 54X38
Engine Speed 4,500/5,500 rpm
Engine Type OHV 4-stroke
Supply Fuel
Starting Manual
Fuel Petrol
Fuel Tank (L) Built-in, 0.9 liters
Lubrication Forced
Ignition C.D.I. Digital
Ignition timing Electronic
Starting Manual
Cooling Water cooled with pump-forced circulation
Exhaust Under-water
Steering system Bar with twist grip throttle control and steering frictionadjustment
Type of remote control box provided Manual (4 pos)
Direction reversal Mechanical A-F+ 360° shaft rotation
Transmission Ratio 13/28
Standard propeller type 3-bladed
Dry Weight (kg) 13.5

Selva Marine

Viale dell’industria 13 – 23037 Tirano (SONDRIO)
Hotline : 800 357 935

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