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Absolute 50 FLY, plenty of moving room (Space). The global trial.

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The first time we have seen the ABSOLUTE 50 FLY, he was lost among all, in the confused artificial hall shows of Dusseldorf.  At that event, most probably, we did not notice one of the numerous important properties of boat: the large quantity of allowed room applied in the best solution, to meet the wishes of people who loves cruises.  In one, word the comfort aiming better match both, the human presence and the surrounding in which they live.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly

Few weeks ago, we have been in Varazze to test this Yacht,   we want to meet him in his natural environment:  the sea.  We have totally understand the real reason why this boat has win the EUROPEAN POWERBOAT OF THE YEAR 2017 prize.   The international jury has written –   ABSOLUTE 50 FLY englobes perfectly the Italian design, the arrangement of space and a remarkable performances in security and easy guiding.   Although his length is less than 50 feet, this yacht has the quality in comfort and dimensions of higher categories.

We agree: to go on board of this yacht, you feel like to enter in the typical spaces of bigger boats but the jury will forgive us, this is a limited sentence!   Going further to the capacity of obtaining spaces, the man who has designed and constructed this boat, has concretizes a vision inside which, the space moves, breaths and follows the movements of the person who lives in it.

External view

Absolute Yachts 50 FlyAt the first contact with Absolute 50 Fly, you feel the emotion of the empty spaces. The cockpit is furnished with classical outfit, a divan placed next to the transom, and there  you are, only few moves the place become a large sunbath bridge 2,30 meter large,  under which the life raft and all the fenders are located. Then looking upward to the external side of the Fly, you can operate a well-set housing of a canopy, which can slide electrically to protect the cockpit from the sun and creating a perfect privacy corner. Further, on the external part of the stern, a well-positioned sea level bridge and a transom equipped with a grill and a washing basin, gives a classic final touch.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly
The canopy electrically operated is useful for the privacy and shadow.


Back to the cockpit and climbing the stair that lead to the Fly, we reach to one of the biggest frlybridge ever seen in a 50 feet long yacht.  First for its extension, which run from the windscreen to the end of the stern, a plane created by the top of the cockpit, and further for the free communication between the spaces. At this level, we find a table located on the further part of the bridge surrounded by a U shaped divan, a cooking corner, the double seat posting for the pilot and a new sunbath place two by three meters large. What else you can obtain in a so designed surface?

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly
At the stern, the low positioned sea level bridge make easier the operations of entering or exiting from the sea even of a tender.


The well protected starboard to the bow, where a divan is located just under the windscreen and the bulwarks join, creates a third sunbath and relaxing place.

Even only by describing it, the Absolute 50 Fly seams bigger of his 15 meters long. The alternate use of the spaces, their different possibility of use, the harmonic transit ways between one room to another without any step or difference in level , often existing in other boats, give strength to the motivation why the jury have choose this Absolute 50 fly  as the boat of the year. We also believe in the performance capacity of Absolute.


Internal view

THE internal surrounding distribution follow the same setting on the external. The option to leave only one meter and half from the divan and the step of the dinette, allow this room to be considered as one of a bigger dimensions yacht.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly
A View of the Absolute 50 Fly hall looking from the driving desk.

Even here are the organization choice, which improves the spaces. For example, the kitchen is located at the entrance on the left, accommodated in a corner and separated from the room by sliding glasses. In this solution you may decide either to choose two different rooms or by sliding the glasses, to have a single large room. Bur overall, the kitchen is communicating directly with the cockpit, solution that, during the good season, improve both the spaces.

As experience in the boat yards teaches, the dashboard is ergonomics but on the bridge, there is a shrewdness, which differs it from the control bridge of other yacht of the same dimensions, and it is a door, which allows the captain to enter immediately to the starboard.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly
The good solution to set the kitchen just after the cockpit in a corner on the left.


The rest zone has three cabins and two bathrooms. The owner’s cabin in located in the middle of boat, it has therefore the disposal of very large spaces which are really very well used for the stowage. Remarkable are the soberness and the style of the furnishing. At the bow, there is the VIP cabin, which even if it is not as big as the owner is surely is similar in the choice of the furniture, then the guest cabin with two large beds. At the end, a sailor cabin in foreseen located at bow.



Test at the sea

The Absolute 50Fly IS powered by two Volvo Penta D6 Ips 600.  A system that the shipyard of Podenzano has adopted from years and which has reach to define specific hulls for this kind of engine. The result is a strong stability and an excellent control in limited areas.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly
The Owner’s cabin of the Absolute 50 Fly located in the center of the boat

We leave the mooring of Varazze port, using the Joystick with astonishing simplicity. We left the slip and we operate without touching the hand levers, having a more effective adjustment of the low speed requested until the entrance of the port.

Out on the sea smooth as silk, we progressively give power to the engine. As we though we found the properties of the Absolute hulls: strong balance, excellent weight balancing which allows rapid change of speed maintaining an excellent equilibrium.

We tried some turns, soft range at the beginning then more narrow range, noting positively the stability of the boat. In spite the length being 15 meters, the stern follows the trajectory without tailing out. When we tried some multiple turns , the boat gain the equilibrium without starting any pendulum movement , what could happen in less equilibrated hulls in this situations.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly
The VIP cabin situated at the bow.

We push the engine at the maximum (3500 t/s) reaching to a maximum speed of 30 Knots and noticed the very low fuel consume, 170 liters per hour. The start of gliding in less than 11 seconds, from zero to 15 knots of speed.

To underline the efficacy of the two Volvo engine Ips 600, which reach at the maximum strength at 1500/1660 turn. Mainly for they allow very low consume, which are at the speed of 22 knots 110 liters per hour. Other remarkable prize is the noiseless, this also due to the material employed to construct the Absolute 50 Fly, which we have the opportunity to appreciate sailing at the maximum speed and with the entrance door open.

Finally, we believe that the shipyard of Piacenza reaches, through this boat, a not easy goal: the equilibrium. Equilibrium which is confirmed by the performances connected to the most highly comfort and the large spaces confirmed by the harmony on which the persons move.

Test conditions. The test has been performed in the Liguria Gulf with calm sea, no wind, 5 person on board, water tank 50% level, fuel tank 25% level.

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly consolle

Technical File

Length  15,20 mt
Hull length 13,68 mt
Wide 4,43 mt
Displacement 22.500 kg
Fuel tank capacity 1.600 lt
Water tank capacity 450 lt
Cabins 3
Saylor Cabin  1
Engine 2 X Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600
Designer Absolute Research and Development Lab – Centro studi aziendale
Ragistration CE category B/14


 Test results


2 Volvo Penta D6 Ips 600

Gturn/min Speed in knots Consume L/h
1500 8.2  20
2000 10.3  43
2.500  13.3 77
3000 21.5 110
3500 29.8  170

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly

Absolute Yachts 50 Fly

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