Frauscher 1414 Demon

Test. 70 miles on board the Frauscher 1414 Demon. Crudelia and heavy weather sailing

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Mauro Feltrinelli
Mauro Feltrinelli steers the boat under a cloudy sky in Cannes

While we climb on board the Frauscher 1414 Demon in Cannes, we immediately realize the aim designer

Gerard Kiska pursued when he drew the lines of this highly desirable object: the beauty of the 1414 Demon is clear, barefaced and the white guise of the model we’re going to test further enhances this concept.

Crudelia – that’s the very appropriate name chosen by Mauro Feltrinelli for his Demon – is an elegant and audacious boat that doesn’t go unnoticed amongst the numerous visitors and insiders crowding the Cannes Yachting Festival on the day following the closing one.

Frauscher 1414 Demon
The bow of Crudelia heads for the Iles de Lerins

Like us, most of the boats on display are expected to leave Cannes today; many of them will even join the Genoa International Boat Show that opens in 3 days. However, a large number of boats have given up on sailing off because of sufficiently demanding weather conditions characterized by a strong mistral wind and an insidious south-western stream.

Well, to postpone our departure until tomorrow would be better but we want to test the 1414 Demon in very demanding conditions. So, we’ve seized this opportunity and asked Mauro Feltrinelli if he wanted to cover 70 nautical miles in 2-meter waves; with a smile, he immediately agreed. So, after refueling, at 11:00 am, Luca and I leave the peaceful Vieux Port of Cannes and head north-east, straight for the Marina di Loano, the final destination of this exciting sea trial.


70 miles on board the Frauscher 1414 Demon – Sea trial

Out of the port, a south-western 20-knot wind is blowing but, the inner breakwater first and the Iles de Lérins secondly, mitigate the stream that is expected to welcome us in open sea. Under these conditions, the Demon sails placidly and 70/80-cm waves are barely perceptible. The Frauscher 1414 Demon gets on plane at about 17 knots, she lowers her bow a little before gliding on the water in perfect balance. At a cruising speed of about 24-25 knots, we detect 2,700 engine rpm and a fuel consumption of 85 l/h, which means about 3.4 l a mile. Absolutely not bad for such sporty 14-metre boat.

Just outside of Cap D’Antibes comes the sea. Frauscher 1414 Demon CrudeliaDark water walls come from South-West under a cloudy sky and we cannot but admire its beauty. The average height of waves is about 2-2.5 metres but, experienced seamen know that, every regular sequence is immediately followed by an even more demanding one.

Mauro and I set different speeds in orde to find the most suitable one but, regardless of our attempts, the Frauscher always sails very well. Particularly surprising is stability at between 10 and 15 knots. Even at a “semi-displacing” speed, the Demon advances sure; of course, she travels slower than waves (when a wave comes, we have to steer) but her performance is always great.

1414  Crudelia DemonTravelling at over 26-27 knots, everything becomes easier but even less comfortable since, in this case, waves touch an excessive speed and the Demon inevitably “jumps” from the top of the current wave to the cavity of the following one. This doesn’t translate into poor stability: on the contrary, the V-shaped sharp hull is always stable and ploughs through water very well. But covering 70 nautical miles by jumping from wave to wave doesn’t sound like a good idea; so, after enjoying our daily adrenaline shot, we finally find the best cruising speed for these sea conditions: about 21-22 knots.

At this speed, we sail comfortably and zigzag amongst the tops of waves while the boat advances in absolute safety: in short, a real pleasure. Of course, the helm needs constant monitoring but Crudelia is so stable that, when we descend below deck, we can have some crackers, salami and a bier totally undisturbed while the boat rides to the Marina di Loano.

Mauro Feltrinelli 1414 Demon
The arrival in the Marina di Loano

I don’t know how many of you are used to steer a powerboat under such conditions but, at least as far as I am concerned, I think that the Frauscher 1414 Demon is amazingly seaworthy. And I’m not just talking about my personal feeling of safety; what really astonishes is the high comfort standard perceivable on board.

Time passes fast while Mauro and I chat and we quickly get Capo Mele where, as expected, waves become increasingly higher ( the average height is 2.5-3 metres) and more insidious. Our Demon starts to have some troubles in climbing them if we don’t arrive fast enough but we’re actually under certain threshold conditions.

Just to give you an idea about wave sizes, if we slow down and remain in the wave cavity, at full throttle, Crudelia gest us to the top of the following wave without being able to get on plane.

Frauscher 1414 Demon a Loano
“Crudelia Demon” finally docked after the exciting ride

Then, as if by magic, immediately after Capo Mele, wave energy decreases and almost disappears around Gallinara and we sail at over 35 knots.

At 02:06 pm, Crudelia enters the Marina di Loano after 71 miles of rough sea covered in about 3 hours.

When we enter the port, Mauro and I look at each other; we don’t need to say anything since experiences like this remain indelibly imprinted in your mind with only one contro-indication: they are addictive.

This Frauscher 1414 Demon is not a boat for everyone but, if you can, feel free to test her because such a concentration of beauty and seaworthiness is not easy to find.

Frauscher 1414 Demon  – Description

The 1414 Demon is an innovative brave yacht that fully Frauscher 1414 Demonrepresents the great success the growing brand is increasingly conquering all around the world. Demon is the flagship of the Frauscher fleet and marks an important step forward for the Gmunden-based brand. Not only because of her sizes but, above all, because she represents a really advanced concept, both above and below deck.

Aggressive exterior lines are by Thomas  Gerzer – Kiska while the hull results from the creativity of Harry Miesbauer (a design Viennese-Italian studio that already has a strong relationship with Frauscher). Faithful to the unique DNA of the brand, this genuine powerboat wants to introduce something completely new on the market.


1414 Demon armatorialeThe total absence of pulpits or handrails preserves the pureness of lines while both the anchor and the anchor fitting are hidden thanks to an efficient system inspired by sailing yacht design that makes the bow completely uncluttered. The one-piece frameless windshield is wonderful.

Equally interesting is interior arrangement, with a double cabin in the stern, underneath the cockpit, and generous volumes anywhere. A long linear galley is positioned on the starboard side while a huge bathroom is located on the left.





The dining/relaxation/living area is in the 1414 Demon interiorbow and can be easily converted into an additional double berth. We particularly like overall design along with the elegant combination of well-refined dark wooden details and clear fiberglass elements along with the clever positioning of led lights.

Of special note is the translucent material of bulkheads which elegantly divide both the master cabin and the bathroom.

The Demon features a deep-V hull with double step.

There are three options for the powertrain: two Mercruiser 430 HP engines, two performing Mercruiser Racing  520hp or two diesel Volvo Penta D6 400hp engines, all with EFB system.


Sea Trial – Performance

rpm Speed(kn) Fuel Consumption(l/h) Fuel Consumption(l/nm)
600 1.2 1.2 1.0
1,000 6.1 6.4 1.0
1,500 9.4 24 2.6
2,000 15.2 60 3.9
2,500 22.8 78 3.4
3,000 31.1 112 3.6
3,500 35.7 152 4.3

Test conditions: rough sea, 2 passengers on board, 100% fuel tank, 70% water tank.

Technical Specifications

LOA 13.90 m
Max Beam 3.90 m
Unladen Mass 10,000 kg
Draft 1.1 m / 0.8 m
Engines 2 x Volvo Penta D6 400 HP , EFB diesel engines
Other engine options available 2 x Mercruiser 8.2 MAG 430 HP engines
2 x Mercruiser Racing 8.6 DTS 520 HP engines
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,200 l
Fresh Water Tank Capacity 107 l
Blackwater Tank 95 l
Passenger Capacity 12
Design Gerard Kiska
Project Harry Miesbauer
Development  Thomas Gerzer
Price from € 823,378.00, VAT included

Importatore esclusivo per l’Italia:

Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

Via della Libertà, 59, – Gargnano de Garda (BS),

tel +39 036571240,,

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