Thermowell in Cannes and Genoa: air conditioning and sanitation systems


Thermowell joins the autumn boat shows with a wide range of products for air conditioning, with the possibility to request a service of solutions tailored to customer needs. Particularly noteworthy are the ventilation and air treatment systems designed to fight Covid-19, as well as food refrigeration systems, thermowell-izy-kitice makers and accessories such as sea circuit pumps and fan coils. Backed by 20 years of experience, and multiple collaborations with engineers, architects and shipyards, Thermowell also offers support for the choice of air conditioning solutions for commercial, recreational and military vessels. The Cannes and Genoa boat shows are the perfect opportunity to present to the public the know-how of a company worthy of the Made in Italy quality. Thermowell’s catalogue, in addition to the wide range of products and air conditioners for boating in general, also includes a “plug-in” system that allows the owner to install air conditioning on his boat by himself. This is the IZY kit. This is an all-inclusive air conditioning system with an integrated seawater circulation pump. Moving up a category beyond the entry-level, Thermowell offers a special solution for yachts and superyachts:”the AirJet12 high-efficiency air conditioner, powered directly by the boat’s batteries in 12 or 24 Volt direct current and capable of delivering a maximum of 8,800 Btu”.

AirJet 12

thermowell-airjet-12With AirJet12, cooling is truly experiential because the uniformity of the air conditioning meets the highest expectations, with a very low consumption. The added value is that the AirJet12 air conditioning system can also be used when moored at anchor using the normal on-board batteries, without having to run the generator. When moored in the marina, the AirJet12 is equipped with a power supply that can be connected to the mooring power supply.

Thermowell: multi-sector experience

The founder of Thermowell, Renato Napoli, has extensive experience in system design, gained over the years in various civil, industrial and naval sectors, which has led him to a knowledge of all the complexities that can arise in the design phase. Renato Napoli is also a great boating enthusiast. And this contributes to an excellent knowledge in the naval field confirmed by designing custom solutions for boat owners and shipyards. To the success of Thermowell is added the son of the founder, Mattia Napoli, both together with the design staff operate from the operational headquarters in Salento, studying and designing winning solutions for the air conditioning of the spaces below deck but not only. As mentioned above, in fact, both yachts and superyachts are seen as the subject of Thermowell’s business. Air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems for recreational boats and large vessels. This is the range of Thermowell production.


It is true when it is said that: air conditioning systemsWork is found at work”. Renato Napoli founded Thermowell on the strength of experience in air conditioning given by his first company operating in civil, industrial and commercial plant engineering. Thermowell’s nautical air conditioning began because a customer commissioned the founder to provide air conditioning for his boat. So the business history of this Apulian reality records great successes, including a global internationalization that involves several countries such as: Emirates, Hungary, Spain, Holland, Germany, Malta, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh and Australia. And now the company is also looking at the French market, one of the largest in Europe, also through participation in the Cannes Yachting Festival (booth Pan 354) and at the institutional stand of the Puglia Region at the Palais ( Pal031, box 10 ).

The system you need the way you want it

Producing custom-made things is a sartorial activity in advance, but in the case of Thermowell the whole process of creating on-board systems is inserted in the various steps of production of the boat: “We intervene both during the work in progress, or during the refitting phase of a boat, and at the beginning, as well as during the design of the boat”. Customization derives from a fruitful dialogue with the client, who may be the boatyard or a commissioned designer, or even the owner himself, who contacts Thermowell directly. Thermowell explain that “requirements can include calculating the thermal loads of the various rooms to be conditioned, sizing the grilles and air vents, sizing the pipes and pumps, calculating the electrical loads and providing three-dimensional drawings of the equipment to be installed to facilitate the design of the boat”.

Thermowell sanitisation solutions


The pandemic has led the company to produce sanitisation solutions. Thermowell, in fact, designs a range of UV-C ionisers that can be inserted into air handling units. The air is sanitised from the start in the system. The ioniser is added as a supplementary module to the air conditioning system itself and is an upgrade that is of interest to the entire recreational, commercial and passenger boating sector. Proof of this is the important work completed on the Bruno Gregoretti CP 920, a vessel used by the Italian Coast Guard, regarding the installation of several UTA air treatment units, suitable for air purification and cabin sterilisation.

Assistance ‘everywhere’

Reassuring the owner is Thermowell’s customer service following installation and support ready to help the customer at any time. Today Thermowell, a registered trademark, continuously invests in research and development of products and processes. It has a pervasive presence on the Web, and employs a young production and management team led by its CEO, Renato Napoli. At the Cannes Yachting Festival, Thermowell will be exhibiting at booth PAN354; while at the Genoa Boat Show it will be at booth TH05.

Contact details for further information on Thermowell’s activities at the Boat Shows are as follows: phone +39 3288416338 and email address: INFO@THERMOWELLMARINE.COM 


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