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Virtual Boat Show : the digital revolution is Covid-proof

Virtual Boat Show 2The recent cancellation of the Cannes Yachting Festival after the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in France has unfortunately shown how digital tools are today the only possible, reliable and safe alternative to the traditional information- boat visit- purchase process.

It is therefore no surprise that the Virtual Boat Show by The International Yachting Media, launched just over two months ago, has already registered 250,000 visits.

When we decided to create our virtual boat show, we wanted a system capable of offering much more than a virtual boat tour. We therefore built a portal capable of gathering, on a single web page, all the information necessary for the owner to make an informed choice: sea trials, publications about the model selected, virtual tours, videos and links to the shipyard’s web and social pages” –

states Luca D’Ambrosio, the creator of Virtual Boat ShowAbsolute yachts

But it was not enough. We wanted the reader to have the possibility to book a confidentia, and therefore safe, visit on board the boat or, more simply, to come into direct contact with the shipyard, without any intermediation. A perfect system, both to enjoy a boat show with all the precautions needed and not to miss the novelties in the event that events are cancelled”.

The Virtual Boat Show is an innovative and international tool. Users, in fact, can read both the sea trials and most of content in their native language, clicking on the specific flag that gives access to the publications of the five international magazines of the group.

Six theme sections for the Virtual Boat Show

The Virtual Boat Show, whose navigation is fast and easy, is made up of six large sections: Motorboats, Maxi Rib, Sailing yachts, Catamarans, Inflatable boat and Boat Supplies. The latter gathers the world’s top nautical equipment manufacturers as well as some prestigious and equipped marinas.

Virtual Boat Show Tiym DigestFurthermore, this full digital immersion experience offers the opportunity to read, full-page and without advertising, the amazing sailboat, superyacht and Maxi Rib reviews published on The International Yachting Media Digest, as proof of the significant interconnection between the Virtual Boat Show and our browsable quarterly digital magazine.

In short, a system that can easily cope with the emergencies of the coming months because, we always like to remember that,” Buy a boat, the virus can’t swim“.

Not surprisingly, while the means of transportation, hotels and villages were deserted this summer, the sea was full of boats and yachting has fortunately registered yet another growth.

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