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New partnership between Yacht Extension and Fratelli Canalicchio

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The boating industry welcomes the birth of a new partnership between Yacht Extension and Fratelli Canalicchio S.p.A.  

Alex Barone

The boating sector welcomes the birth of a new partnership between Yacht Extension, whose President is Alex Barone, and Fratelli Canalicchio S.p.A, whose President is Giovanni Canalicchio.

The strong empathy and experience in the boating sector combined with a great passion for new technologies was the spark that led the two Presidents to think about new projects. Passion and working commitment are the two main things they have in common as two successful businessmen that are not afraid to get their hands dirty at work.

Alex Barone, founder of Yacht Extension, expresses great satisfaction with the agreement. ” This partnership – he tells us – stems from our mutual professional experiences. We both have an important past in the nautical sector and new technologies”.

Indeed, Alex Barone has a 30-year experience in various naval and nautical sectors, he has an innate vision of creating innovation that characterizes his whole life. As a young man, he followed in the footsteps of his father, skipping steps and becoming Master Mariner of the Italian Merchant Navy at the age of 24; subsequently, he toom care of the family companies operating in the construction sector starting his career as a consultant for Rodriquez Cantieri Navali di Messina, a world leader in the production of hydrofoils, ferries and military boats in the 90s.

Then, he followed many successful projects, operating between Miami and Dubai and specializing in innovative technologies. A sea lover and successful sportsman, he won the Italian and European title of Offshore World Champion and was awarded the gold medal for athletic valor. Professionally, he has received various awards including two worldwide awards.

Over years, he has studied the evolutions of yachts, with special focus on the solutions and researches that have marked the new market trends where the increase in walking surfaces has a very important role. With this in mind, he has designed and developed Yacht Extension, an all-Italian brand of excellence.

Yacht Extension develops innovative products, luxury floating islands equipped with every comfort that are truly revolutionizing the way of living the sea in direct contact with the marine environment. These platforms extend the spaces beyond the yacht in an exponential and automatic way.

Giovanni and Pasquale Canalicchio

Fratelli Canalicchio S.p.A, instead, was founded in 1996 by two young brothers, Giovanni and Pasquale who, starting from the experience acquired in the precision engineering sector, decided to direct it in the nautical sector.

The company was originally divided into two closely related divisions, the mechanical one called Fratelli Canalicchio S.r.l. and the nautical one with the name of Sea Steel.

The company manufactures precision mechanical parts and components for the aeronautical, electromechanical, space, defense and naval sectors. The sector previously managed only by Sea Steel, was incorporated into Fratelli Canalicchio, which became S.p.A. with a special focus on the super yacht sector.

Thanks to their business strategy, skilled staff and a good customer feedback, the two brothers decided to move to Narni, very close to the main communication routes, where they set the new operational headquarter of Fratelli Canalicchio S.p.A.

President Giovanni Canalicchio states: ” We have always been looking for new commercial outlets on different markets. In recent years, our company policy has evolved even in terms of diversification of the naval market, engineering and automation of integrates systems and this is the right opportunity to develop an innovatibe product”.



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