Ampermarine conquers Dubai with its WUWLED underwater spotlights

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Technology, innovation and quality: these are the key elements of the WUWLED underwater spotlights that conquered the recent Dubai boat show.

Ampermarine, a leader in electronics and lighting systems, impressed all enthusiasts and boat owners at DIBS, the Dubai International Boat Show, held from 1 to 5 March.

Undergoing great growth WUWLED spotlights and expansion, the company is widening its market basin. Having started in Italy, it is now increasingly looking abroad. France, enthusiastic about this innovative underwater light technology, started sales at the beginning of 2023, then the company conquered Germany during the Düsseldorf show, and now, it is the turn of the United Arab Emirates.

The spotlight line is enjoying great success at the Dubai trade fair, our WUWLED underwater spotlight is very successful, because these spotlights were not known, we are exhibiting here to make ourselves known in the UAE as well. The special feature of our spotlights is a transmitter inserted inside, and a spotlight inserted outside, via a 12 or 24 W power supply, that transfers the power to the spotlight, which illuminates with both white and blue light, and there is no need to drill a hole in the boat,” explains Elio Tamanti.

The versatility of these innovative underwater spotlights is one of the strengths of this product because it adapts to the customer’s needs, becoming an accessory for more than just boating use, as Elio Tamanti, Sales Manager at Ampermarine, also reports:

ampermarine The spotlights can also be used on docks for example. In this case the spotlight is offered without a transmitter but going out directly with the cable, which is fed in to provide excellent brightness of up to 12,000 lumens. However, WUWLED is also suitable for swimming pools, as it can be installed without drilling holes in the wall. In fact, our products can even pass through reinforced concrete, so operation is guaranteed, without water seepage or leaks.”

For Ampermarine, the Dubai boat show was a further springboard for the most innovative underwater spotlight in recent times, born from the high quality of the materials and the great search for an easier solution for night lighting that would no longer force shipyards and owners to have to drill holes in their hulls.

“We are aiming at re-fitting, because many boats do not have underwater spotlights as many owners are against drilling holes in the boat because they do not want to create water seepage and demolish the structure. It is very important that we try to expand worldwide, we already have a good number of distributors around the world, we also want to increase in the UAE and we are very happy with the success we received at DIBS.”


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