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The project of new Elan GT5 is becoming increasingly interesting. The new GT model proposed by Elan is inspired to the fast aggressive bottom of Elan S5, then elaborated in a cruise version. This is immediately clear in the sporting racing waterlines accompanied by a deck house hiding a huge bright raised saloon, a solution made possible by both the more generous width of the hull ( 3.91 m) and the choice to invert the classic layouts and put the kitchen just before the fore bulkhead and the dinette in the wider zone of the hull.

Elan GT5 - jun16-18

The choice to combine a sporting hull with a cruise boat seems to work. Elan GT5 is a performing boat simple to handle, stable thanks to its wide bottom, with a double rudder blade for a greater control, a more pronounced chine which helps to sail well if swerved and a flat bottom in the fore sections which enhances reaches. GT5 is designed with a short-handed crew in mind, making it easy for a crew of two to handle the yacht easily.The halyards and sheeting are controlled from the helmsman’s position, which keeps the cockpit clean of all lines, ensuring the utmost in comfort and safety on-board.

Elan GT5 Press Release jun16

Even in terms of interiors and comfort this combination between sport/cruise is successful: 
the hull, designed by Rob Humphreys has generous volumes and the huge cockpit is provided with an astern bridge and an open-air kitchen with fridge, sink and grill.

Interiors are big and high. The layout can include 2 or 3 cabins; the standard bathroom has a separated shower box. An additional bathroom can be arranged in the fore shipowner’s zone.

The first GT5 will be presented at the next autumn boat shows.

Elan GT5 Press Release jun16

Elan GT5 - jun16-17

Technical File

Overall lenght 12.76m
Hull length 12.36m
Beam 3.91m
Draught 2.20m
Displacement 8150 kg
Ballast 2700 kg
water Tank capacity 270 l
Fuel Tank capacity 170 l
Engine 38 hp
EC Category A
Project Humphreys Yacht Design & Elan Design Team

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