Outremer 52

Outremer 52, the queen of blue water cruisers has come

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It is hard to pass by the new Outremer 52 without stopping and admiring her. Beautiful, sporty and decidedly innovative, Outremer Catamarans’ latest addition is not only the novelty of the year but also represents a milestone in the evolutionary path of this renowned shipyard, whose name embodies the icon of the blue water cruiser catamarans, which are boats designed to sail, safely and quickly, around the world.

If you think a solid, safe and fast catamaran has to be ugly you are completely wrong. The new Outremer 52 is simply beautiful, just look at her two scimitar bows and bowsprit to realize that. The designers have really done a great work with this catamaran, which, thanks to its sinuous lines, offers the eye an aesthetic that manages to be simultaneously sporty and elegant.

This catamaran emerges powerfully from the multitude of current models that, being devoted only to volume, end up being slow, heavy and inevitably ugly.


The Outremer 52 in detail

A worthy heir to the award-winning 51, the new Outremer 52 is however far from being just a beautiful boat; it is a veritable concentrate of small and large innovations. A clear example of this is the starboard pivoting wheel, which, usable in as many as 4 positions, goes from being usable from the comfortable (and beautiful) outside seat, to being moved to the maximum shelter position, inside the protection of the outside dinette.

The dinette is Outremer-52-bowsprit also arranged to be fully enclosed, thus allowing the boat to be used even in winter or in the most temperate climates where, the interior forward-facing charting station allows driving with the autopilot from the inside even in the most extreme cases.

Another touch of genius (and attention to detail) are the two net triangles that make the bowsprit accessible; the gennaker is here, and having the possibility to reach it in complete safety is certainly a big plus.

Lowering the mainsail on this catamaran is also not dangerous, the boom is reached by walking on the dinette roof and the lazy bag is exactly where it should be, which is at the height of one’s shoulders.

New Outremer 52: Interior

As is known, the shipyard offers a great possibility of customization so, basically, the owner can configure the interior as desired. I personally really like the 3-cabin layout where one hull is entirely dedicated to the owner and the forward bathroom is a real palace but, in any case, the 4-cabin version is also available. The second hull accommodates two large VIP cabins fitted with two bathroom rooms, one intended for toilet facilities and the other for a large separate shower. If desired, to further extend his horizons, the owner can request that the forward cabin be made into an office, walk-in closet or workshop version.

The dinette, thanks to the use of the retractable windows, effectively eliminates the barriers between exterior and interior by creating one large area containing two convertible tables that allow as many as 8 people to have meals both outside and inside. The kitchen is arranged in an L-shape and also elegantly performs the function of a bar cabinet, facing outward.

Positioned centrally and forward-facing, the large chart table which we have already mentioned above is, in my opinion, also an ideal place to set up a small office with a priceless view (yes, you may have already guessed it, I can totally see myself writing from here as I go around the world).


First-class sailing also requires being discreetly fast, which the new Outremer 52 would seem to promise to be admirably. With an upwind sail area of 140 square meters (which can be increased to 155 by using the genoa instead of the self-tacking jib), this catamaran would seem to be capable of maintaining decidedly high running averages.

According to the first data provided by the shipyard, the boat seems to have touched 24 knots on its maiden voyage and was able to luff up almost like a monohull. In “calmer” conditions the yard reports that average speeds of 10 knots are within reach.

As you have certainly noticed I have often used the conditional in this section of the article; this is for two reasons: the first is that performance is a serious matter for our magazine, so it should always be verified in person; the second is that this new Outremer 52 has really won me over, and I can’t wait to be invited to test her!

stern view

Technical Specs

Design consultantPatrick Le Quément
Interior designDarnet Design
Length15,73 m
Beam7,89 m
Draught1,1 – 2,3 m
Air draught23,05 m
Displacement12,5 – 15,7 t
Engines2 x 50 HP
Mainsail95 m2
Genoa60 m2
Selftacking jib45 m2
Gennaker140 m2
Spinnaker211 m2

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