Yacht Digest 10
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Yacht Digest 10: the latest issue of the popular quarterly from The International Yachting Media, the publishing house founded by Luca D’ambrosio, has come. This full-bodied volume, the result of a really intense work, includes a lot of nautical material of the highest level, including the fascinating world of SuperYachts.

It starts with the Yacht-Digest-10-cover sea trials, real reports that give a complete picture of the performance of the yachts put under the lens by our testers.

But first “see and then read”.

Yacht Digest number 10 is published in an editorial format that makes a big difference compared to other publications.

Yacht Digest’s editorial aperitif begins with two Video Tests of two very special yachts that you’ll be able to discover through fifteen minutes of high-action marine video.

And there’s more to enjoy, because a very important chapter in this Yacht Digest is dedicated to the 1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The long cruise aboard the legendary Daydreamer, the editorial staff’s lab-boat, proved to be the perfect opportunity to create a masterful docufilm in which the viewer can delve with all of himself, observing the most beautiful images shot in the best places where we wisely recommend sailing.

Yachts, nautical accessories and prose

Yacht-Digest-issue-10 In this tenth issue you will find the top accessories we have selected for your cruises (or races?). All accessories have all been put to the test by our editors during the 1000 Miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The reader has a total of 460 pages, absolutely advertising-free but full of beautiful photographs and multimedia content that can be shared from any device. We’re not boasting about it, but Yacht Digest is undoubtedly a highly informative added-value tool for anyone working in the sector through the entire supply chain and its allied industries.

What’s more, Yacht Digest is able to entertain the reader by offering an unparalleled experience, perhaps because it is both didactic and truly experiential. In what way? By reactivating his or her memory, as if to reawaken the scent of the sea and the emotions of the wind. And this is perhaps the best way to keep us all on stand-by during the winter season. And then there are the articles by our own Sibilla Gambino, who knows how to convey maritime stories of times gone by to Yacht Digest readers.

Yacht Digest 10 goes beyond

This issue of Yacht Digest, along with the entire output of our editorial Group, is not at all detached from the concept, now back in vogue, of going “beyond”. It’s a ‘metanautical’ publication, if you’ll allow us to use the neologism, the semanthem of which we can easily borrow from metaphysics. Because Yacht Digest allows any kind of reader, whether beginner, expert or long-experienced, to virtually enjoy the entire world of yachting with the simple aid of digital technology, which no one today lacks.

Yacht Digest features the top yachts produced by the best shipyards. The ultra-luxury yachts are described accurately and in an innovative way without repeating themselves, combining technical and other aspects aimed at cultivating the desire for an important dream, such as having a boat fitted out by a shipyard.

And, we repeat, editorial the further aim is to enrich the cultural experience of insiders and owners, those who want to learn more about what’s going on aboard the floating territories and take an active part in this thriving market, where Made in Italy boating is the master.

Yacht Digest, au usual, is available in both Italian and English, with all the reports from international boat shows that are absolutely punctual and accurate.

Performance, technical data, how boats behave at sea during navigation, the epic tests carried out by our journalists who are not lacking in stubbornness and a desire to dare. Yes, because Yacht Digest’s journalism takes place mostly away from the desk, sharing with you the passion of the sea: the truest thing in life.

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