Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport

Cayman 35.0 Executive Super Sport: complete sea trial for the last Ranieri International creation

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Cayman 35.0 Executive Super Sport Sea Trial

Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super SportWhat awaits us out as we leave the port is not the sea of a late summer day. Off the coast of Genoa, the day before the start of the Boat Show, the sea shows long residual waves, the sky threatens rain (and, in fact, it rains immediately after) and the temperature requires that we put our sailing jacket on.

These conditions are undoubtedly not the ideal ones to test an open boat but the Cayman 35.0 Executive, as you will see, will enable us to stay always within a comfort zone.

As we leave the dam, I head into the waves, lower the gas throttle gradually and power the two Suzuki DF 300 which the boat is equipped with. With one eye turned to the rain clouds, I start to collect my first data.

Just the time Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport sea trialto count to 5 and, at 14 knots, I get the boat on plane. The double hull steps come into operation, we slide on the water gently and I speed up.

At 24 knots and 4,000 rpm, we sail in total comfort with a fuel consumption of just 70 l/h, namely 2.8 l/nm. This is the best speed to keep fuel consumption low. At this cruising speed, thanks to a 610-liter fuel tank, I could cover 217 miles.

Today, I have to sail from Genoa to the Island of Elba and back without any stops; given that it’s sunny there and I have two comfortable double cabins below deck, I am tempted to start a cruise… But, of course, I can’t, so I decide to speed up a little more and enjoy the speed that the Cayman 35.0 Executive is able to reach.

Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, turnsAt the top of the rev range (6,000 rpm), we reach almost 42 knots with a fuel consumption of 4.7 l/nm. Given the conditions, I keep the trim low to improve balance and prevent the boat from crushing into the waves. Moreover, the model we’re testing has an engine package that is significantly less powerful than the 300HP option. The latter is supposed to deliver a top speed of over 50 knots.

We end up under a rain cloud and we are therefore forced to escape in the opposite direction. So, I head to the waves and accelerate again. The RIB does not suffer the impact with the waves and, again, I make it run at top speed. The steering console offers a good wind protection and the rain is deflected by the windscreen at high speed. Miraculously, I don’t get wet and I keep warm.

As we Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, enginesfinally reach a calm zone, I start to perform some turns, in a succession of tight, wide, slow and fast turns that the Cayman 35.0 follows with no problems. The boat heels and the tubulars lean on the water surface. The deep V-hull of the Cayman 35.0 allows us to stay always on course.

I don’t notice any water sprays in the cockpit.

I go on performing increasingly tighter turns until I draw some circles with a really narrow diameter. Not bad for a fully equipped maxi RIB of almost 4 meters in width, especially in such weather conditions.

I return to the port at full speed while thinking that sailing in such conditions has been funny and easy. The shipyard of Soverato has really done a good job during the design stage.

Cayman 35.0 Executive Super Sport Performance

Test conditions: sea from slightly rough to rough; weak wind; 3 passengers on board; fuel tank at 50%

Rpm Speed (kn) Fuel Consumption

( l/h)

Fuel Consumption


600 3 4.4 1.4
1,000 5 7.4 1.5
1,500 7 15.2 2.1
2,000 8.2 19.8 2.4
2,500 9.8 37 3.7
3,000 14 42.8 3
3,500 19.2 50.6 2.6
4,000 24.2 70 2.8
4,500 28.2 85.4 3
5,000 32.4 112 3.4
5,500 37 148 4
6,000 40.2 196 4.8
6,200 41.8 200 4.7
Planing speed (min) 12
0-20 6.8
0-30 11.26
0-40 22.53

The Cayman 35.0 Executive Super Sport

Two cabins and one bathroom below deck, two sun pads, one of which is adjustable and a multitude of accessories and options available. These are the main features of the Cayman 35.0 Executive Super Sport, a really good cruiser that, despite an overall length of 10.80 meters, requires no license and is approved in CE Class B.

Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, tableRanieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, astern table

The cockpit is really large and the stern sunbathing platform/dining area exploits the whole beam of the boat ( 3.80 m). The modularity of this area is guaranteed by an electric height adjustable table which operates in three different positions. When completely lowered, the table becomes a flush part of the walkway and enables passengers to move freely on the deck; when lifted at the height of the seats, it converts into a sun pad which can accommodate up to 3 people; when totally open, it turns into a large dining area which can seat up to 6 guests.

Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, seatThe extractable seat of the kitchen cabinet, behind the console, is very useful if you want to add two more guests around the table and therefore to seat 8 guests in total.

Equipped with stand-up seats, the center console is very wide and can accommodate up to three people in total comfort. The model we tested was also equipped with a bimini top that, integrated in the rollbar, offered additional protection both in the console and the cockpit. However, the owner can even choose to install an optional hard top with an electrically-operated bimini top for additional protection.

The forward sun pad is large Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, consoleand equipped with a comfortable central backrest and stereo speakers. It can accommodate up to 4 guests in total comfort. In the bow, the anchor is invisible since it directly emerges from the hull. On the diamond forward platform, a camera projects the images on the instruments in the console and makes it possible to anchor single-handed.

Below deck, the volumes are abundant and comfortable.

Ranieri International has managed to obtain two double cabins: a V-shaped one in the bow and another in the stern, below the cockpit. The latter is flooded with natural light by a large window.

The bathroom is positioned on the starboard side and equipped with a toilet, a washbasin and a shower, whose abundant headroom allows you to stand comfortably.

Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, forward cabinRanieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, astern cabin


An extraordinary cruising attitude for a complete maxi RIB that has much to offer: abundant spaces both inside and outside, a high comfort level under way and exciting steering. The lovers of speed will certainly opt for a more powerful engine package for extra fun and even more exciting performance at sea.

Ranieri International Cayman 35 Executive Super Sport, full speed

Technical Specs

LOA 10.80 m
Width 3.80 m
Tubular Diameter 0.65 m
Compartments 8
Weight 3,200 kg
Engine 1/2 outboards (max 900HP)
Shaft 2XXL
Fuel Tank 610 l
Water Tank 150 l
Passengers 24
CE Category B

Motonautica F.lli Ranieri Srl

Loc. Caldarello

88068 Soverato (CZ)

Tel. (0039) 0967 25839


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