Ranieri Cayman 21.0 Sport: the RIB for everyone conquers Düsseldorf

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Presented at this year’s Boot Düsseldorf, the Ranieri Cayman 21.0 Sport has already conquered everyone. The intermediate RIB in the range is in fact the one still missing from this popular series, which already included four other smaller and larger models.

detail With an overall length of 6.45 m, a maximum beam of 2.55 m, a capacity of 14 people, and a 60 cm diameter tubular with five compartments, this inflatable can also be steered by non-boating license holders.

Thanks to its minimum 40 hp engine, the Cayman 21.0 Sport can in fact be purchased by anyone who wants to enjoy a day trip, taking advantage of its large spaces and the huge bow sundeck, which fits perfectly into this boat.

Boaters with a license can, however, opt for a more powerful 150 hp engine, which on a Rib of this size and weight means only one thing: the best in performance and fun.

Even more Ranieri-Cayman-boot surprising is the enormous customization possibilities offered by the shipyard: it will be possible to install an external stainless steel refrigerator, a shower system, a stereo system, an aft table, and much more, not forgetting the possibility of choosing the colour and material of the tubulars. In fact, it will be possible to change the basic colour, choosing the mixed artic grey/carbon black variant, or even, the full black carbon one.

Another innovation lies in the cushioning fabrics and their weave, which have been completely redesigned. A precious material and a very elegant design, which revolutionizes the style and comfort on board, enhancing the usability and comfort of this boat. This new cushioning can also be chosen as an option for the flagship, the larger Cayman 45.0 Cruiser. 

Boot Düsseldorf has only just begun, but interest in this boat is already expected to be very high, and the product explains why: large spaces and great performance make the Ranieri Cayman 21.0 Sport a very versatile and elegant RIB that will really give a lot of satisfaction at sea.

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