Absolute Navetta 64
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Absolute Navetta 64: innovation is at home in Absolute Yachts  

She has already impressed us at the time of the presentation Absolute Navetta 64 stern of her project that, as usual for Absolute, to define innovative is somewhat reductive.

Being able to build, within just 64 feet, a true stern beach club equipped with a cabin with sea view, is a really difficult task which, however, has turned out very well with the Absolute Navetta 64.

That’s why we could not fail to test her…

Visiting the Absolute Navetta 64: exteriors

We climb on board this important trawler on a quiet and sunny September day. The sun is hot and the sea is almost completely flat. The boat is docked in the Port of Varazze and, from the jetty, we can already see how its proportions are quite balanced.

The masculine and massive lines are interrupted by some rounded structures of the hull and softened by the wide side windows, while the chromatic effect offered by their white/black contrasts and the black/grey/white/steel colours of the inserts breaks the glance, almost like a mimetic pattern.

We immediately notice the reverse windscreen in the helm station which, in addition to providing the captain with greater visibility, also contributes to an optimal use of space, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, which is truly marine and aggressive.

Absolute Navetta 64 helm station Absolute Navetta 64 reverse windshield

The innovations introduced by the creativity and sailing knowledge of Absolute Yachts are many, all concentrated in this unit.

Absolute Navetta 64 aft beach club Absolute Navetta 64 beach club sliding door

What we immediately notice is an option. Yes, one of these important and distinctive options that immediately become an almost obvious choice: the aft cabin, that is the beach club with a double sliding glass window at sea level which, in our opinion, is an irresistible point of strength.

Absolute Navetta 64 beach club convertible bed Absolute Navetta 64 beach club

We are used to seeing solutions of this type on superyachts but, on a 20-meter unit, this idea drastically increases the pleasure of staying on board as well as the way of experiencing the boat.

The cabin is equipped with a longitudinal double bed which, facing the stern, is positioned at a slightly lower lever than the platform itself, so as to give the guests an “infinity view” of the sea, the one we are used to seeing in the architecture magazines.

Absolute Navetta 64 aft platform This space is closed by a double rounded window in smoked glass, mounted on a sturdy steel structure: : the Rina approval class in category 1 has, in fact, imposed a sophisticated and innovative design of the watertight sliding door system.

In normal use, the glass windows slides freely but, at sea, a special control inflates the sealing gaskets and makes the wall perfectly watertight, even in the event of beating waves coming from the outside (an alarm sounds if you forget to activate the system). Furthermore, RINA has wanted the construction of the cabin to be watertight up to 30cm above the waterline. Safety at sea is never too much!

When at anchor, the cabin Absolute Navetta 64 winch turns into an authentic beach club: a section of the bed flips forward and creates a backrest and a large linear sea-facing sofa, while some stainless steel railings are inserted into special glasses to completely envelop the aft platform, wide enough to accommodate two chaises longues, some coffe tables and an awning that can shade the whole area for better comfort.

The standard version of the Absolute Navetta 64, instead, features a storage compartment with the same size of the cabin and a bathroom, both closed by a watertight pantograph door inserted in the continuous fiberglass transom.

Two side staircases, protected by stainless steel and crystal doors, allow passengers to safely walk from the platform to the cockpit which, considerably large in size, houses a dining area equipped with a table, a sofa and a service cabinet.

Absolute Navetta 64 side-deck Absolute Navetta 64 aft living area

Here, there are also two side openings with flap doors and the staircase leading to the flybridge. The side-decks are wide enough and the passage, facilitated by protruding, sturdy and protective handrails, extends towards the bow into a generous living area characterized by a dining/sitting area and a sundeck.

Absolute Navetta 64 bow living area

The technical area in the bow is compact yet sufficient for the mooring and anchoring manouvres and does not “steal” useful space for guests’ liveability; the winch is visible on the deck and a sturdy stemhead fitting extends the anchor beyond the stem.

Absolute Navetta 64 living zone Absolute Navetta 64 windshield

Again, I observe how the choice of the reverse windshield is functional in the presence of the lounge which otherwise would not find enough space.

We climb the steps that lead to the flybridge: a real parade ground opens up in front of us.

Absolute Navetta 64 flybridge

Ideally divided into four distinct area, the flybridge of the Absolute Navetta 63 offers a large living area in the stern, a dining area, a roof bar in the middle and a deckhouse with double lounge in the bow. The helm station, with height-adjustable windscreen, is well-arranged and proportioned with all the instruments mounted flush with the console for a winning aesthetic effect and easier cleaning.


Under the two sofas surrounding the wheelhouse, there are two life rafts. The hard top features a sturdy structure with an electric, fast and silent sliding top. The dining table and the bar cabinet with grill certainly guarantee absolute usability for convivial moments of the highest levels. However, it’s in the stern that we pause more to observe the exclusive modular furniture of this boat.

Made by a supplier specialized in garden furniture, it has more compact dimensions than mass production, salt-resistant paint and use of a rope for the seats contours and the interlocking backrest / armrest modules.

Absolute Navetta 64 flybridge dining tableAbsolute Navetta 64 panel

The owner can choose from 7 different modules including sofas, armchairs, chaises longues and small tables…the limit is only your imagination.

Last but not least, the flybridge of the Absolute Navetta 63 can be completely closed by transparent walls made of a plastic yet sturdy and folding material which are blocked by special rails at the top and fixing rings at the bottom. The environment thus created is also equipped with air conditioning.

These are the pluses that best highlight the level of detail study which the shipyard is capable of.


Now, let’s talk about the interiors. A sliding door links the cockpit to the lounge. Even the glass placed on the wet bar disappears to connect the galley to the cockpit, offering an ideal solution for convivial use of the stern area.

Absolute Navetta 64 salon

In addition to the galley with a peninsula counter, the salon offers a beautiful dining table and a comfortable area furnished with Minotti-branded sofas.

Absolute Navetta 64 galleyAbsolute Navetta 64 dining table interiors

The wheelhouse, accompanied by a sofa, is positioned on a raised level, divided from the rest of the environment by a low wooden balustrade but connected by a staircase, while a watertight door with an opening window opens towards the side-deck. An identical window is positioned on the opposite side to ensure correct air circulation.

Absolute Navetta 64 Minotti sofas Absolute Navetta 64 stairs

The aesthetics characterized by glossy finish canaletto walnut wood, matt satin-finished solid elm wood (it is now a classic of Absolute, the doors, drawers and panels are all cut and machined from solid, with continuous visible veins) and crystals creates a chromatic combination that is both elegant and refined, relaxing to the eye and practical to enjoy.

Absolute Navetta 64 tv

Below deck, the sleeping area consists of a VIP double cabin in the bow, with en-suite bathroom, and a double guest cabin amidships with private bathroom thich, through a smart play of sliding doors, can also be used as a guest day head.

Absolute Navetta 64 master cabin Absolute Navetta 64 guest cabin

The lower deck is characterized by flat step-free floors and ceilings and height changes for better aesthetic-functional uniformity.

Indeed, the layout below deck impresses us with its volumes, ergonomics and attention to details, especially the two windows in the bow master cabin which are really grandiose in giving an almost intimate contact with the surrounding sea.

Larger than those of the Absolute 68 and 73, they have been designed by the shipyard with a particular building logics that focuses on the combination of materials while exploiting the sturdiness of both interior structures and bulkheads.

A stylistic innovation of the bow cabin is the natural leather headboard that ends with curved shoulder boards to ideally embrace the bed. The result is an aesthetically excellent and practical solution.

Absolute Navetta 64 glass windows Absolute Navetta 64 master cabin 1

The guest cabin is so large than be considered as alternative to the bow one. Of course, it equally offers large panoramic views.

What about bathrooms? The bow one is really large and equipped with a large shower box that competes with the one in the master cabin, divided into three distinct zones ( washbasin, toilet and shower) and separated from /linked to the cabin by a sliding door.

Absolute Navetta 64 master bathroom Absolute Navetta 64 guest bathroom

However, the careful design is not limited to aesthetics. Nothing is left to chance. The exploitation of the storage volumes, for example, is taken to the extreme: there is a multitude of doors, drawers, cabinets and even a walk-in closet which allow an arrangement of both clothing and accessories in line with the boat class.

Absolute Navetta 64 controls Particularly noteworthy are the stainless steel Absolute Navetta 64 technical room opening portholes which, rotated 90 degrees, allow the blind to be opened and closed at the same time.

Below the master cabin, a technical room accommodates many shelves and systems, including an additional boiler, in line with the engine room’s one, which guarantees the instantaneous supply of hot water to the master cabin.

Air conditioning is particularly silent, thanks to an important technical detail: although the fan coils are classically placed at the bottom behind the furniture, the air outlets are at the top so as to dampen the noise, increase the efficiency of air circulation and improve the aesthetic level of the environment.

Absolute Navetta 64 crew cabin Placed between the engine room and the guest Absolute Navetta 64 joystick double cabin, the crew’s cabin offers a bed than can be converted into a double seat with table and bathroom with shower. An additional pullman bed can be configured above the first, accessible from a steep yet comfortable and watertight ladder from the starboard aft side-deck.

Continuing the examination of the technical and pratical equipment of this boat, we find a completely retractable compartment designed to accommodate the boat hook in the side and a third helm station, hidden in a hatch, equipped with engine starting buttons, joystick steering system, bow and stern thruster controls, anchor control with chaincounter and multifunction display with bow camera, essential for manoeuvring.

Absolute Navetta 64 engine roomWe go down the engine room, unfortunately at the end of our test even if the high heat of the engines is quickly eliminated by the extractors. The clear, bright, high and large environment around the systems denotes and highlights the attention and the technical skill of the shipyard. Order and logic, rationality and cleanliness dominate everywhere. The general electric panel positioned near the indoor wheelhouse, closed by two small dark glass doors that allow the view without sacrificing the visual impact of the space, is rational, clear, two-language and separated between 24V and 220V: you can instantly check the situation without having to open the doors.

Absolute Navetta 64 Sea Trial

After being completely convinced and satisfied with the boat visit, we go out to sea to better understand the nautical features of this yacht even if today’s calm waters will not allow us to thoroughly test the hull.

We leave the port at minimal speed: I immediately notice that vibrations and noise are at their lowest levels, which will me surprise again later when we will sail faster. The special insulation of the engine room and the constructive quality of the structure keep the noise level definitively acceptable even at high speed.

Being a trawler, I could not certainly expect an extremely agile and fast behaviour, but this is not the case because the two IPS 1350 deliver good acceleration performance and a top speed of 27 knots.

Of course, fuel consumption at top speed is high but, at 20 knots and in total comfort, 250 l/h are really good.

Stability is remarkable and, even if the side wave creates an annoying rolling movement, we can activate the Seakeeper 16 stabilizer to instantly reduces obscillation to zero.

Under way, instead, the Volvo Assist Trim Active Drive Mode optmizes the trim while working as a side lateral stabilizer: as a result, the boat can perform very tight turns (with a radius of around 25 meters) with only a minimum of yaw.

Both the indoor and outdoor helm station are very large, comfortable and with almost total visibility. The cameras positioned in the bow and stern allow, from every driving position, the most complete control over events and manoeuvres.

In conclusion, the brand-new Absolute Navetta 64 fully conviced us, but we had no doubts.

Absolute Navetta 64 Performance

RPM Speed l/h l/nm Range Fuel Tank
600 5.5 10.0 1.8 1980.0 3,600
1,000 7.0 22.0 3.1 1145.5 3,600
1,000 8.4 37.0 4.4 817.3 3,600
1,200 9.8 58.0 5.9 608.3 3,600
1,400 10.9 88.0 8.1 445.9 3,600
1,600 12.5 136.0 10.9 330.9 3,600
1,800 15.0 186.0 12.4 290.3 3,600
2,000 18.3 232.0 12.7 284.0 3,600
2,200 21.7 284.0 13.1 275.1 3,600
2,450 27.0 360.0 13.3 270.0 3,600
Test Conditions:
wind: 5 knots; sea: 1; liquids on board: fuel 70% – water 84%; No. of passengers on board: 7; hull conditions: clean

Technical Specs

LOA 19.63 m
Width 5.52 m
Fuel tank 3,600 l
Fresh Water Tank 910 l
Berths 6+2+2
Accommodation 16
Engines 2xD13-IPS 1200 (2x662kW)
2xD13-IPS 1350 (2x735kW)
Base Price with 2xIPS 1200: € 1,940,000.00
Prezzo base con 2xIPS 1350: € 1,990,000.00

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