Cannes: Fiart announces the “Project of Passion”. Here is the P54


Fiart surprises at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 with the P54, where “P” stands for “passion” to hermetically describe a yacht project that heralds a different way of experiencing life on board: “for the customer, it will be something very different from that the market currently offers”. A revolutionary conversion of the spaces and now the creative concept turns more towards the attention required by the owner. “Architect Stefano Patrovich has designed a boat in which all the external furniture is loose, all the space is flexible and can be furnished and configured according to the owner’s needs”, the boatyard explains.

Pastrovich signs the P54

The project bears the fiartsignature of Stefano Pastrovich, an eclectic nautical architect and sailor of renown, who is not short of great ideas and the P54 is definitive proof of this. Patrovich’s commitment is to add another iconic craft to the long history of Fiart, the shipyard that brought the iconic “Conchita” to the sea with the genius of founder Ruggiero di Luggo.

P54 will be physically displayed at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022. Added to this news is a whole series of operations with which the Baia-based boatyard wants to present itself more strongly on the nautical scene: including a completely new website, greater penetration of foreign markets and an increased search for luxury on board. To crown all this commitment there is also an important range of yachts called Seawalker, which we talked about here.

For the P55, architect Pastrovich took his inspiration from the automotive industry, possibly referring to a hard-top that can be changed into a hood depending on the season. But the yacht is purely marine and this is evident when looking at the miniature on display. At the press conference, the P54 immediately emerged as an ingenious craft that will certainly have influence on competitor’s choices for the coming seasons. To confirm this, the P54 has a special feature that makes it decidedly different from the others.

Walk-arounds move

Why? First of all, the idea of p54 projectwalk-around is cancelled by moving the side-decks inside the deckhouse. The result is greater safety and , above all, this modification contributes to accentuating the compelling, futuristic style of the P54, where the lines of the boat’s arch grow sinuously, rising in the central part and fading gently toward the bow. Thus the windscreen of the deckhouse opens through a sliding door giving access to the foredeck, where the space is enlarged from the outside to the inside. This, of course, does not affect visibility from the bridge at all. Stefano Patrovich explains that the feeling of danger and spatial narrowness, typical of crossing the classic port and starboard side-decks, has been eliminated. With this innovation, space is also gained inside and becomes liveable. The table inside comfortably accommodates diners, who are also cheered up by increased air circulation from the bow to the luxury stern, which has a very large beach. It’s an “extremely luxurious” boat, the furnishings feature the choice of woods such as oak in the dark tones of a modern interior, and the headroom is considerable thanks also to the considerable momentum of the superstructure. P54 is “the result of an incredible alchemy”, it is undeniable. P54 will be offered, according to rumours, at EUR 1,450,000.

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