On test. VanDutch 40: the new icon of exclusive luxury

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With her rich style and personality, the VanDutch 40 is not a boat for everyone. Owning her means having not just a boat, but a form of art with a unique minimalist style, recognizable in every detail.

That VanDutch is synonymous with luxury and extremely accurate design is a fact since the VanDutch 32 model, although being over ten years old, has rightfully entered the rankings of the most desirable and cult boats of the market. After having acquired the VanDutch brand, Cantiere del Pardo has succeeding in bringing all its expertise and Italian know-how on board these boats through the use of new technologies and new materials, making the purchase of a VanDutch the consequence of not just a desire to go out to sea pushing on the gas, but to own an artwork, an exclusive item of which the owner feels like an elite representative. With the new VanDutch 40, which we tested on the waters of Lake Garda, this characteristic has reached its maximum expression with hull lines that, although remaining faithful to the styling choices of this luxury icon, however surpass them to reach new goals.



Minimalist and clean-cut lines reflect great research and attention to detail: from any angle you look at it, there is balance in form and size in the VanDutch 40. The concealed cleats, the hidden anchor and the absence of anything superfluous topify the statement coined by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”.

windscreen Climbing aboard, it is immediately clear that the use of precious materials has been amply fulfilled: everything in fact expresses the concept of high quality and top-level finishing, from the stern platform – from which the centre of the boat can be accessed via a walkway on the port side that runs alongside the large sundeck – to the sand-coloured upholstery that stands out thanks to the choice of a pale synthetic teak, creating a very elegant contrast.

Two large L-shaped and opposing sofas frame the central table, which has an icebox inside, very handy during the summer for drinks and bottles; two other fridges are located under the sink unit to the right of the companionway. On the left, on the other hand, the helm console features a single seat where three people can sit comfortably: from here, in addition to navigation, everything is under control, from the lighting to the sound system, thanks also to two 12-inch Garmin displays.


The interior design of VanDutch_40_Interior_Features the VanDutch 40 remains true to the exterior styling, which is minimalist and highly refined. The Lounge version we tested has a kitchenette and a head that is larger than can be expected on a 12-metre boat, as well as a comfortable sofa and a flat screen television that create a truly relaxing corner. All spaces have plenty of light and excellent ventilation thanks to two portholes on the foredeck, twenty-five centimetres longer and higher than the previous version.

Compared to the predecessors, the engine soundproofing has been improved through a greater reduction in vibrations and the styling improved through an even more contemporary design, making comfort on board exciting and unique.

VanDutch 40 Sea Trial

Going out to sea with a VanDutch is always a strong emotion for me. I find myself aboard the ultimate contemporary expression of luxury and status symbol that this boat has represented for some years now. Today Lake Garda gives us a wonderful sunny day with little wind. At the helm, Gigi Servidati takes us to discover the most enchanting areas before letting me take the helm for the test.

At the first contact with the helm, I immediately realize that the VanDutch 40 responds to the controls perfectly, also because there are many boats on the water. I am forced to correct my course several times, and this allows me to really test the boat’s performance at low speeds and with multiple changes of direction.

At 1,500 rpm, thanks to its clean water lines, the boat already runs at almost 10 knots with a consumption of 2.2 l/mg: already at this speed I can appreciate the navigation, with very low noise on board and minimal turbulence thanks to the large windscreen protecting the entire cockpit. I accelerate to get the planing speed and, at 1800 rpm and 13 knots, the wake comes off and the VanDutch 40 gets up on plane with a truly amazing smoothness and stability.

boat test The steering angle is amazing: so far I have maintained a speed of 17 knots, but even increasing it to 25/27 knots, the trim remains perfect, smooth and easy, and passing in the wake of other boats, the hull remains stable. I speed up again, being amazed at the ease of this boat to react immediately to any command I give it. I reach maximum speed at 3640 rpm and read on the instrument “39 knots”: it’s great, there is no vibration on board, the stability is impressive and, above all, the feeling of safety is overwhelming. The boat runs on water, comfort remains excellent, and even at a sound level, despite the fact that we are on an open yacht, we can talk without having to raise our voices. For more protection from the wind, the dinette is the best place aboard.

I try to perform a couple of tight turns at 24/26 knots and I realize that I might as well leave the steering wheel because, I almost don’t believe it, the hull is truly stunning and I remain speechless in the face of so much stability.

Powered by two Volvo D6 380 diesels, at 2500 rpm and 23 knots, the fuel consumption is around 3.2L/Mg. The following are our test data.

RPMSpeed (kn)Consumption (l/mg)
















3640 (max)



Getting off such beauty is always complicated and I must confess that I would have loved to choose one of the many wonderful places on the lake, drop anchor and have a good cocktail on board. The VanDutch 40 is a truly amazing boat.

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